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Hillary Clinton: ‘Domestic Enemies…are Doing Putin’s Work’

Joining the chorus of Biden administration officials who claim that Trump supporters and white supremacists are the greatest threat to American democracy, Hillary Clinton went on MSNBC this morning to level fresh attacks at who she believes are the enemies of America.


Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that some elected officials in the U.S. are doing the work of Russian President Vladimir Putin by sowing distrust and divisiveness during and after the Trump administration,” according to The Washington Times.

“‘When you take an oath to serve the United States, you take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic,’ Mrs. Clinton said on MSNBC. ‘We never thought we had to worry about domestic enemies. We never thought we had to worry about people who didn’t believe in our democracy, in our Constitution, in our separation of powers, in our institutions. And sadly, what we’ve seen over the last four years, and particularly since our election in 2020, is that we have people within our own country who are doing Putin‘s work.’ [emphasis added]

“‘Now whether they are, as we say, witting or unwitting, they are doing his work to sow distrust, to sow divisiveness, to give aid and comfort to those within our country who, for whatever reason, are being not only disruptive but very dangerous,’ said Mrs. Clinton, who served as U.S. secretary of state for the Obama administration and unsuccessfully ran for president as a Democrat in 2008 and 2016.”

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