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Hillary Blasts ‘Shameless’ GOP ‘Gun Worshippers’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won’t make any friends among 2nd Amendment supporters with these words.


Hillary Clinton slammed Republican “gun worshipers” for exploiting people’s “unwarranted” fears regarding “sensible” gun-control legislation in a forthcoming interview,” according to The Washington Times.

During an interview with her former campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri, a preview of which was released Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton said Republican lawmakers like Sen. Ted Cruz are “opportunists” trying to stoke fears in Americans that Democrats are trying to take their guns. [emphasis added]

“‘The opportunists on the other side, like Cruz and his ilk, they know better and they are in the position of trying to keep people really riled up and scared that sensible gun legislation like we had in the ‘90s for 10 years will somehow undermine their rights,’ Mrs. Clinton said.

“‘Well, what about the rights of all the rest of us?’ she asked. ‘The rights of us to go to work, go shopping, go on dates to the movie theater, go to school, for heaven’s sake — what about the rest of us?’…

“‘You know, democracy is the balancing of interests and rights, and unfortunately at this time, the gun worshipers have a huge advantage because of the filibuster and because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears,’ Mrs. Clinton said.” [emphasis added]

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