High Alert: Attack On Nuke Reactor


(DCWatchdog.com) – BREAKING NOW: For the second time since the start of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the country – indeed the world – is on high alert as a facility containing a nuclear reactor is under rocket attack by Putin’s soldiers.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Russian forces are firing rockets at a physics institute in the city of Kharkiv that contains nuclear material and a reactor which could lead to a ‘large-scale ecological disaster‘ if hit, according to Ukraine’s national security service…

“The science institute houses the Neutron Source nuclear research facility and contains 37 nuclear fuel cells in its core, according Ukrainian foreign minister Emine Dzheppar

“The institute was responsible for the first nuclear bomb developed by the Soviet Union.” [emphasis added]


“Vladimir Putin has threatened Western forces with nuclear strikes should they directly interfere with his attempts to occupy Ukraine.” [emphasis added]

According to sources, the types of rockets being fired at the facility are not precision-guided. They could hit anywhere – vastly increasing the risk of hitting the nuclear material at the facility.

This is a breaking news report.