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Here Comes the Biden Mask Mandate

By the time you get home this evening, wearing COVID19 masks will be mandated in many circumstances.


President Biden will sign an order Thursday mandating mask usage in airports and on many planes, trains, ships and intercity buses, the White House said,” according to The Washington Post. [emphasis added]

The moves are part of a new strategy released Thursday to confront the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 405,000 people in the United States.

“Airline workers have described the dangerous results of passengers refusing to follow mask requirements issued by airlines. Safety reports filed with the federal government show flight attendants being repeatedly taunted and verbally abused by passengers, including some who called the virus a “political hoax.”…

Biden’s move marks a clear break from Trump’s handling of masks, although some specifics, including how it might be enforced, remain unclear pending the release of the order. It will require masks “on certain public modes of transportation and at ports of entry to the United States,” according to a White House strategy document released Thursday.” [emphasis added]

For more on this developing story, go to The Washington Post.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Biden’s mask mandate? Will you comply with the mandate? Why or why not?


  1. Gail says:

    It’s amazing that he’s doing this. Here is something for everyone to hear. My husband was required to wear a mask at his work and guess what? He got it. He works near the mexico border and one of his co-workers brought it to work, and then my husband got it. He was exposed and two weeks later after a false positive test, his oxygen levels were at 79% and I rushed him to the hospital the day before thanksgiving. The masks don’t work. According to the medical professionals the only masks that work are the n-95 and they are only supplied to medical and military personnel. What does that tell you. Under the circumstances, I have refused to wear a mask since day one. I never got it and I was with him the entire two weeks before he was hospitalized. This virus isn’t as contagious as it’s being portrayed. It’s a real virus but if you are with someone as much as I was with my husband and never got it, that tells me it’s not as contagious as it is being told to us. I am not going to wear it and I refuse to wear it. I worked in the Prison system for 18 years and retired back in 2014. So if I have to go back, oh well. I won’t comply.

  2. PATTY says:


  3. Marlene Steadman says:

    Yet he opens the border to thousands that could infect Americans with all sorts of diseases. They can’t get jobs here because he will close businesses. Makes no sense at all.

  4. Richard says:

    I have a right to decide for myself and dependents, not the least knowledgeable person on the planet.

    Also from the Candidate who called President Trump a racist and xenophobic 2 months after he placed a travel ban on the reporting of the virus, denouncing him and then flip-flopped when he became the Democrat candidate. Watch out America for this lying Joke of a person.

  5. Ron says:

    the only thing a mask does is keep me from spitting on you.. if you are afraid of that, stay away .
    if you know anything about filtration, you know that the virus is smaller than any N95 mask can filter, by more that 10 times smaller

    if masks are the answer then why the rise in cases… i see most people wearing them around other people. The numbers are cooked up. i live where allergies are an issue and because of fear the hospitals are over run with people needing Afrin nasal spray and calling it covid

    • Hank Westerman says:

      You are stinking, lying, piece of shit. There are multiple clinical studies that prove mast knock down virus transmission by over 85%

      • Randall says:

        fool,made up virus,a political tool

      • Randall says:

        watch more cnn ya idiot

      • marvin caddell says:

        The shear scope of some people’s idiocy never ceases to absolutely amaze me ! So let’s put it in terms that maybe even you should be able to understand but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen anyway here it is if your stupid ass can smell a fast through the mask you are wearing it ain’t gonna protect you from any other shit you may do a in contact with either !!!!

        • marvin caddell says:

          marvin caddell
          January 21, 2021 at 8:47 pm
          The shear scope of some people’s idiocy never ceases to absolutely amaze me ! So let’s put it in terms that maybe even you should be able to understand but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen anyway here it is if your stupid ass can smell a fart through the mask you are wearing it ain’t gonna protect you from any other shit you may come in contact with either !!!!

          Sorry should have proof read before sending reply

          • David D'Anna says:

            I have gone through this “PLANDEMIC” without wearing a MASK! FUCK Joe and the HOE!! He keeps telling us that he WON.He fucking didn’t do a FUCKING thing to get where he is,and he’ll PAY for his SHIT SOON! FUCK his EO s They aren’t worth NOTHING except for wiping his ass with.NEVER MY PRESIDENT!..

      • marvin caddell says:

        The shear scope of some people’s idiocy never ceases to absolutely amaze me ! So let’s put it in terms that maybe even you should be able to understand but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen anyway here it is if your stupid ass can smell a fart through the mask you are wearing it ain’t gonna protect you from any other shit you may come in contact with either !!!!

    • Old Pioneer says:

      The masks stop the COVID Virus as much as your underware stops your farts!!!

      • David D'Anna says:

        Those 2 Braincells he ahs will be gone shortly, then the HOE will try some shit that will have her ass strung up! That will be FUN!! NO MASK,assholes, PULL your heads out of your asses!

  6. Cheri King says:

    Yes, I think everyone should wear a mask at least inside, if not outside. Wearing a mask will also help transmission of the regular flu virus and cold viruses! We should all be less sick this winter if everyone would wear a mask. We’ll save money on cold medicines, flu medicines and there will be a lot less time lost at work if we wear masks. Cold, regular flu, as well as COVID-19 are all caused by viruses. If we wear masks, it could prevent us from getting all of the above.

    • David D'Anna says:

      OBVIOUSLY, You don’t understand Viruses..Wearing a MASK increases the MOISTURE inside the MASK!! If you get that moisture to a level where you need to lower it to take a breath,You just sucked up the VIRUS!..The MOISTURE also InCREASES the CHANCES of you getting VIRAL PNEUMONIA..Once you get that,YOU’VE LOST!! This strain of “FLU”,Which is all it is..Is no different than the regular strain!..Quit BUYING into the BULLSHIT!!I’m 73,IU haven’t Taken a FLU shot inn 10 years and DON’T need it!..Who needs cold meds when you Eat right, and DON’T go into crowded areas! MASKS DO NOT WORK!!

  7. Holly Rose says:

    If all of you who complain about wearing a mask should be raised by my mom, you do it or else get 2 slaps across the face for being insubordinate. Of course I will obey. President Biden is now our president so we better obey. Talked to my friend a former Providence Health Care OR nurse and she said the OR teams wore them all day long with no issue. People just want to be rebellious. Speaking of can’t breath try a mil grade gas mask for an hour. If you really want to complain about something wait until President Harris imposes something like forcing us to house a homeless who may be a druggie and a rapist or killer in our homes and or taking our firearms away. How about offering us to have our debts paid like a mortgage or car payments but the twist is you don’t own it anymore the govt does like everything is in China or like in a convent where the clothes on your back belongs to the convent. The wearer doesn’t own the habit. Quit complaining on inconsequential things like procedure masks.

    • David D'Anna says:

      ASSHOLE BIDEN and The HOE will NEVER be MY LEADERS! you’re a SHEEP! I DON’T and WON’T EVER WEAR a MASK! I went through BOOT camp and had to go through a week of Training where I had to carry aroiund a gas mask,But, I won’t be forced to wear ONE NOW!!. If I travel,I DON’T GIVE a DAMN what EOs THOSE ASSWIPES come up with,They AREN’T the LEGAL Leaders of MY COUNTRY!..I FOUGHT in NAM,SEMPER FI!

    • Cheryl Duke says:

      If masks worked why is the virus still running around rambid? We have been wearing mask for the last 9 months pretty religiously. My husband and I have both had the virus and guess what we survived just fine. The mask is all about submission, it has nothing to do with keeping the virus at bay.

  8. Joan Squitieri says:

    I’m wearing a mask when out in public to protect me & others from COVID19, however I’m wearing the mask because it’s a matter of common sense not because Biden mandates it. I didn’t vote for Biden & would never vote for him. I don’t need government telling me how to live my life & certainly not from any Democrat. The Biden family is a crime family as was the Clinton family. My father was a police officer all during my formative years & we children were taught right from wrong at the earliest years of life, good common sense values. Ethics & morals are not conducive with Democratic policies.

    • James says:


    • David Burnam says:

      It has already been proven that masks do not protect you from the virus. If you want to wear the mask that’s fine but drop the bullshit that it protects you. The mask cannot stop the virus because the virus is nine times smaller than the breathing holes in the mask. It doesn’t even slow the mask down.simply a means of controlling the masses.

  9. Bruce Wooden says:

    Biden is not a legitimately elected president therefore no orders he issues are legal. I don’t wear a mask unless I’m forced to for seeing my doctor. Masks are useless and frankly unsafe to wear constantly. I will never wear the damn things!!!

  10. Bearpaw says:

    We have been told to wear a mask for close to a year now and if that was the solution then the China virus would be gone by now. I believe that the so-called medical experts don’t really have a clue how to stop the spread at all.I only wear a mask when ‘forced’ as when going to the doctor or dentist. I certainly don’t care what Creepy Joe orders me to do!

  11. Donna McDaniel says:

    This mandate is against our National Freedom, not to mention, they will not protect you from anything. You can’t breathe well with them on, you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide that you are not suppose to breathe. And it is harder on your lungs. I will NOT wear a mask unless I choose to. And that is VERY limited, (small stores with several people) but, for the most part, I do not wear them.

  12. Gen Manfredi says:

    I live in Connecticut and I wear my mask all the time when I am out. Everyone that I see in the grocery stores has one on too. Makes no difference to me, he can mandate all he wants.

  13. Julio Cesar says:

    For the common good, from the start of the CHINA virous I have used a mask.
    Not because some demented old fool told me to do so or made it a law.
    The Dem’s stole the election for “The BIG GUY”, this criminal and his family should be in jail for selling our Republic to (CHINA) and the highest bidder.
    He can never, ever, ever, ever be my PRESIDENTE. Karmala is an opportunistic Liar who earned her way on her back. No matter how much makeup you put on a PiG it still only a Pig, and we have two pigs here.

    • David D'Anna says:

      We DON’T have that issue here where I live..We are NOT forced to wear them except at the Dr’S office or the dentist..We STILL have OUR RIGHTS and CREEPY Joe and The HOE are going to find out,they don’t rule US!! Their “MANDATES aren”T worth the SHITPAPER they write them ON! They forgot one thing when they INAUGURATED those 2 CRIMINALS….Half of this NATION will NEVER RECOGNIZE EITHER of them NOR the POLITICIANS that PUT THEM THERE!! We red STATES will GIVE them MORE PAIN than they can IMAGINE!!

  14. James says:

    The all-father does not obey orders, he gives them.

  15. Cheryl Atwan says:

    I will only wear a mask in stores if they require it. Will not wear one outside or in my home or car. It has been proven that masks don’t really work by many specialists in the medical field. Biden isn’t very smart.

  16. Paul Harl says:

    Yes I will Should have been done a long time ago

  17. Paul Harl says:

    I will should have been done a long time ago moo

  18. Bernie says:

    He can only inforce it on federal property or federally regulated property’s. Your governor has the power in your state I’m in Florida the heck with Adolfo witmer in Michigan

  19. Ed Cooper says:

    No I won’t. I refuse to listen or follow anything this pathetic joke does. He’s a fraud, put in place by a party of scum, liars, thieves and traitors. He is not my President now or will he be ever!

  20. John says:

    Pro Death Biden. Now using our taxes to pay for the killing of unborn in overseas country. So the Death President is paying to kill the unborn with our taxes and using our taxes to pay for the nuclear bombs in Iran that can be used to kill us. And he will give our jobs to China. We picked a killer for President. Wow!

  21. Lynda says:

    Look at the evidence
    1st Nancy Pelosi she said, they would not need Capital security many Capital security police were told not to come in, or go home that they will not be needed, by Pelosi! Then police escorts of Antifa were brought to the capital by rent a cops! Those rent a cops took position behind the barricades! Then they opened the gates to let Antifa in first! They were the first in at the front door and around the building already started climbing the walls! These rent a cops were hired by Nancy Pelosi and son-in-law!
    Look at their uniforms they are not Capital police they are rent a cops !! The fight inside the building with the Shields look at their helmets, they are fighting each other, antifa is fighting antifa !
    Don’t let your eyes be fooled!
    This whole issue was created to intimidate the Senators to change their stand! Look Nancy Pelosi and Cindy McCain said, “that you will yield to the democratic’s or you will be intimated! “ we will make you bow too, Joe Biden!” Cindy McCain quote (Biden has reached out extensively to Republicans disaffected with President Donald Trump. McCain, whose husband was the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, last week endorsed Biden and urged other conservative women to follow suit, saying, “Biden is by far the best candidate in the race.”) quote can be found

    John McCain’s widow Cindy joins Biden’s transition advisory board
    Cindy McCain will advise Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential transition team as it prepares for the former vice president to take office if he wins in November
    Via AP news wire
    Monday 28 September 2020 20:16

    After the fact Nancy had an escape route before they broke in! She comes back and not a shaken word comes out of her mouth, she said, “this is all Trumps fault “ now we all know that Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind to gain power and hold power! This is a sign of dementia she has lost her mind!
    Now the FBI wants to investigate what happen on the 6th, you watch She will reject their help!! If, she does let them investigate she will make sure they cover it up! Ok she fires the Capital police commander hmm !! Hmm her son-in-law, was on her Twitter account taking a selfie with the antifa who broke in, or was he let in by her son-in-law( look at the camera tapes of the Capital)
    Now for the shooting was not in her plans, if you watch the camera of the floors you will see that most democratic’s are not on the floor before the break threw!! Hmm 🤔did they know!! After the fact Nancy Pelosi is not wavered or shaken in her voice, that she blames Trump! Why she did this was too intimidate the republicans that were contesting the electro votes ! Look it worked!
    Now the 25 th amendment! Nancy Pelosi had her son-in-law make sure to intimidate and get the Senators to change their mind!  Why because, she knew we had proof of the steal!  Also, you know this guy, worked with dominion, so does Hunter and Pelosi Jr and Sr. Look this was suppose too just intimate the Republicans to change their stands on the steal and to make president Trump look responsible! Then look it worked! Nancy forgot about the secret service, she didn’t think that the republicans would stand and fight! She never planned on anyone getting hurt or killed!

    Works for Dutch News Network RTL 4
    Micheal Vos was there before all the break in he taped all of this!! For all we doesn’t know who Micheal Vos he is Nancy Pelosi son-in-law!
    Then the rioters were being handed weapons from the panel from inside the walls of the Capital ! Let’s see I wonder who put them there! Micheal Voss!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    This is what the Capital police uniforms ! Look at the uniforms in the videos especially the fight in the Capital their helmets are all the same the equipment are roller derby equipment painted black also, football pads! Then they had weapons hidden in the wall of the Capital! Now who did you think put them in? Michael Vos Nancy son-in-law he had security clearance !

  22. Lynda says:

    I have a question: on the Capital riots
    What was happening at the Capital in the the senate and congress, was a positive issues for President Trump right ! They were trying to get the electoral votes rejected and sent back to the states that the state legislatures had no control of because, of state runned by democratic’s right! So, all of this was positive for President Trump correct! Why hasn’t this question been ask yet ! Why would they think Trump supports would be part of this riot? This whole stuff was for positive for President Trump! Another question why would Trump supports want too, stop this? They wouldn’t! Look too where the smell is coming from Nancy Pelosi intimation cause!

  23. Stupid Libtards says:

    If masks were so effective why would we need lockdowns? If they are not then why do we need masks?

    If you smoke take a long drag and then put your mask on in front of a mirror and and then exhale. Smoke is MUCH LARGER YOU CAN EVEN SEE IT WITH YOUR EYES! You CANNOT see ANY “Virus” with your eyes. That is the difference between “Macroscopic = large enough to be visible to the naked eye” and “Microscopic = cannot be seen by the naked eye.” So explain to me HOW EXACTLY masks protect others? Do you know a virus even from behind a mask if you cough or sneeze will STILL TRAVEL up to 75 feet?

    Corona viruses are about 20 nanometers in size. Paper surgical masks can protect from particles greater than 200 nanometers in size. Cloth masks come in at a whopping 800, yet people swear by them. They are a placebo, at best, a mind control device at worst. That is why, at the start of all this, the nurses were screaming that if this virus is as deadly as touted, surgical masks were useless.

    A single sneeze can carry up to 200 million tiny virus particles, depending on how sick the carrier is. Even if a mask blocks a huge percentage of those particles, enough could escape to get someone sick if that person is close to the carrier. Leakage from masks, whether worn properly or improperly, can add to the number of droplets that make their way into the air.

    A professor did a demonstration for us using a variety of masks. She blew cigarette smoke through each one and then explained how the smoke particulates passing through (vapor) are over 100 times larger than a virus.

    Wearing a basic mask to keep a virus out of your nose and mouth is like putting a chain link fence around your property to keep out mosquitos.

    Masks do NOT work! And the virus can enter the body via the eyes or even a mosquito bite, so unless you are going to use a NASA Space suite or become “bubble boy” or a complete head to toe NBC viral outbreak sealed biohazard suit with an Oxygen fresh air supply will stop transmission, you are going to likely catch Covid 19! The virus is only 1 micron in diameter cotton and paper masks allow 10 micron particles to pass through! Masks are a JOKE designed for simpleminded Leftists to feel at ease nothing more.

    If masks work why are so many hospital workers catching Covid -19? You’re basically bathing in the virus EVERY TIME you come into contact with someone on the street that has THE VIRUS! So since ALL Hospital workers wear masks and goggles and STILL catch the virus MASKS ARE AS USELESS AS A DEMOCRAT!

    Want a solution? Stay at least 12 -15 feet part! Do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes with your own hands. Clearly masks do not protect when improperly fitted to your face, without goggles and even the WHO and CDC have tried to warn that masks can cause people to believe they are safer than they are with masks.

    Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American physician-scientist and immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

    Fauci first spoke about the wearing of masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic during a March interview with 60 Minutes. “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

    He continued, “When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”

    Recently published data from a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that 70.6% of COVID-19-positive patients report “always” wearing a mask, 14.4% report “often” wearing a mask, and 3.9% report “never” wearing a mask (See Table: Reported use of cloth face covering or mask 14 days before illness onset.).

    The study compared case patients who tested positive (154) and control patients who tested negative (160).
    Study participants were randomly sampled from 11 academic healthcare systems that are part of the Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in the Critically Ill Network, between July 1 and July 29.

    If you are going to use a mask N95 mask packaging has a label or verbiage indicating protection down to 0.3 microns. Microns are small – 1 millionth of a meter. Pollen particles are often 10 microns or bigger. Bacteria are often about 1 micron. COVID19 has a diameter of approximately 60–140 nm or 0.06 to 1.4 microns. But if you are NOT wearing them properly they are as useless as a condom with the tip cut off.


    • Wesley Griffin says:

      Nice article, some good research. As a former EMT and first responder we have known this for some time, but are not supposed to talk about it. We wear the mask because we are told too, it will protect you from most blood pathogens but that’s about all they will do. Nice job…

  24. Wesley Griffin says:

    Texans wont follow it for damn sure…This should be the states decision anyway.
    I do not recognize this corrupt and Marxist administration, will not obey his crap.

  25. Linda Van Natta says:

    Biden and Harris are nothing but hate filled liars and cheaters. The ONLY way they got into office is by FRAUDLENT VOTES!! No intelligent true American would LEGALLY vote for them And that goes for the other dems as well!! If Biden and Harris are so concerned about Covid, please explain why all those illegals marching to our country are going to be welcomed in. (What if they have covid) Biden is taking orders from Harris, Obama and Clintons and they make him think it was HIS idea, sorry but it wasn’t! Tell me why the people mentioned aren’t being investigated. Biden/Harris will NEVER be my president or V/P! They talk about uniting our country, well why didn’t unite with our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP. It’s time they quit spewing out hate, stop trying to DESTROY OUR GREAT COUNTRY AND PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH TO US NOW. The dems are PURE EVIL!!

  26. James B Jacobs says:

    We have been told masks and social distancing is necessary to stop or slow the spreading of the virus. We have been doing this for months and they say now it is still spreading.If the mask mandate works, why is it still spreading. The CDC says 85% of the people testing positive are people who have been wearing a mask and social distancing for months. if it works, why are they testing positive? The answer is, it don’t work.The politician tell us to because they love the control they have over the people because of the virus. They know it don’t work, that’s why they don’t do it themselves, but tell us to.

  27. Brenda Brewer says:

    I was born free and I will die free. God is my savior and God is the only one that will control me. God is my FATHER and the FATHER of all lives on EARTH. I am not stupid, I am not reacist, I know right from wrong, I can think for myself, I pay my own bills, I can feed and care for my family, I care for all mankind no matter the religion, race, language, country they live in, I will help anyone that needs help, I am not rich, I am poor just like many but money doesn’t buy caring, Love buys everything. I don’t hats my neighbors who have said hateful things about me my family of my friends, I was not born in this world to judge others. I don’t revenge hate on others that is not the American ways and for sure is not God’s way, only God can Judge. Revenge actions against others will only destroy America, think about what to say and do before doing outraged speech and actions. My rant is over. May God Bless America. God America is in your hands, I pray that if it’s your will please make this Earth peaceful again. Amen not Awomen.

  28. Timothy Gill says:

    Biden is a low life thief and has never accomplished anything in 50 years nut bullshit the American public. He also is comprimized by the China Com Party where is he hiding the money. Follow the money crooked FBI. My father is rolling over, what the law enforcement has become today. And they Dems. Did steal the American Election. There all in it deep.

  29. Gregger says:

    He doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to issue such a national mandate. Possibly he can do so for Federal properties. But only there.

  30. Sharon Francis says:

    Not from that jerk, I will wear a mask at times I think it’s appropriate. Everything about this administration is an atrocity. The people who voted Democrats are obviously not smart enough to realize what they have done. What a shame!!

  31. Beverly says:

    Is he obeying his own orders???

    • Gregger says:

      He appears to wear TWO masks everywhere, even sitting at the Oval Office desk. Probably while in bed also.

  32. Robert Robinson says:

    It was a stolen election I do not recognize him as President of the United States Donald J Trump will always be the president just cause you foreign leaders will take it over for now we will fight back and no I will not obey his laws and rules

    • Joan M Amato says:

      I will not obey this mandate. A year is enough time for this virus to pass into oblivion. He’s an illegitimate president and someone who had to steal an election because he’s not fit for office. And we are seeing this now with these Draconian mandates. Enough is enough for the American people.

  33. Rob says:

    I would wear it anyway. Not becaUSE OF THE SOCIALIST. If I did not want to, I would’nt…. Biden should be in jail for his crimes…. Raping Tara Reade…..3.9 million from the wife of the leader of a foreighn country. He is a pedophile also. He was in the KKK… VERY RACIST!! He stole the election with illegal voting machines, dead people voting, kids voting and others not registered!

  34. No I will not follow anything this pedifiles has to say. I live in America not China. Hidin Bidin can kiss my azz. No on second thought he might like that. To hell with Bidin.

  35. Pat Riot says:


  36. jim sulzbach says:

    NO I will NOT I am a free American and that asshole will not tell me what to wear

  37. Ssuan says:

    I will wear a mask when I consider it necessary. We live in a free country—not China!

  38. Thank God I live in South Dakota, as I don’t think this mandate will have much of a following. I may be wrong but you will have to feed me if you put me in Jail.