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‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Becomes Law in South Carolina

Just five weeks into the legislative session, South Carolina lawmakers passed a restrictive “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban bill, and S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster signed it into law Thursday,” according to TheState.com.

The controversial law, which critics say doesn’t give women enough time to get an abortion after learning they’re pregnant, was facing a court challenge before the governor had a chance to sign it…

“S. 1 requires doctors to perform an ultrasound to detect a heartbeat before performing any abortion. If a heartbeat is detected, the doctor would be prohibited from performing an abortion unless the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life or could cause severe harm to her health, if the fetus has a detectable anomaly that is not compatible with life or in cases where the woman reports being the victim of rape or incest. If a woman reports to a doctor that she was the victim of rape or incest, the doctor would then be required to report the crime to the local sheriff with or without the woman’s consent. [emphasis added]

House Republicans celebrated after the bill received a quick third reading Thursday morning, and anti-abortion advocates cheered from the lobby after the bill was passed at about 10:45 a.m…

“Critics call the “heartbeat” law blatantly unconstitutional, a denial of the right to an abortion before viability, which is defined at about 24 weeks of pregnancy. That right, they say, is protected by the landmark Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that limited states’ ability to restrict access to abortion.”

For more on this report, go to TheState.com.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you support the “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban that is now law in South Carolina? Why or why not?


  1. Margaret says:

    I think the Usa should be pro life

  2. CAROLINE GANN says:

    Although it would never be a choice I would make for myself regardless of how I conceived and with the only exception being a life-threatening one, I do not presume to sit in judgment over any other woman’s right to also make that choice for themselves!
    I understand how people on both sides of this debate feel about the subject and I have had many debates about this.

    In my opinion, and it is obviously a popular opinion as the law has withstood the test of time!
    It has been 50 years since the passing of Roe V. Wade a law that has been the closest to a middle ground as we as a country could get!

    The SCOTUS decision to legalize abortions up to the end of the first trimester allowed for women to have safe procedures in sterile environments rather than on folding tables in back allies with dirty instruments, or in gas station bathrooms with coathangers!
    As well as placing a viability probability into the equation. (embryos under 12 weeks gestation are seldom viable outside the womb)

    Neither side of the debate got everything they wanted but both sides got something they wanted!
    Pro-choice groups won the right for a woman to make her own choices about her body,!
    Pro-life groups won the knowledge that strict term limitations would be adhered to that protected the life of the woman and would assure the right to life of any unsuccessfully aborted live birth.
    It was an uneasy agreement that both sides could agree to live with.

    And for the past 50 years, they have! Before Roe v. Wade unwanted births often resulted in newborns discarded in trash cans, or suffering later abuse and neglect, many becoming victims of child sex crimes. Even the unwanted pregnancies that concluded with a loving parent to raise the child seldom had TWO parents, if the child was not wanted to begin with most likely one of the parents will not be staying around!

    In most cases, such a birth ultimately will at some point be dependant on social services of some kind and the cost to the taxpayers will be far more than the cost would have been if contraceptives would have been supplied to the parents!
    Single parent childrearing is a great disadvantage and hardship, so despite the love a single parent can provide, they can not compensate for an absent parent! The child will grow up deficient of a second parent and all that comes with a two-parent family.

    That said, I also am very against abortions being paid for by the taxpayers, and I am very against abortion being used as a method of birth control. I read of a survey in New York where the results revealed a large number of women that had chosen abortion once ultimately had the procedure more than once. Citing that abortions could be done and covered by medical insurance but contraceptives were not covered by insurance! This seems horribly backward to me!!

    Abortions should not be funded by the taxpayers it should be the patient’s responsibility to cover the costs with the few exceptions that everyone seems to agree with being rape, incest, and life-threatening situations.
    However, you can not take something away without replacing it with something equivalent to what is being taken and therefore, I also think that all forms of birth control from condoms, up to and including voluntary sterilization for BOTH MEN and WOMEN should be covered by all insurance policies without excessive add on costs.

    I know how badly most people feel about Planned Parenthood and although I am still very disgusted with specific practices they reportedly were involved in I do my best to try to see both sides of a situation and glean the good from the bad when I can!
    As such, I find it unfortunate that after decades of government assistance, the government completely defunded them without considering what they were taking away without supplying an alternative for it! Again it is only my opinion, but why reinvent the wheel when you can just replace the few broken spokes?

    I think the government should have offered to continue funding for services provided by the agency as long as the abortion services were eliminated from funded sights and established somewhere apart from the other clinical services and given an annex name so it was not mistaken for the other services center.

    In the small town, I grew up and raised my own family in, the County Health Department and Planned Parenthood worked in conjunction to provide free and low-cost services to men and women for decades among the services:
    Free condoms and contraceptives (pill, shot, IUD, Norplants, etc.) STD and reproductive cancer screening, (paps, and other lab work) nutrition and education, prenatal vitamins, and pregnancy testing, care and counseling, well-baby clinics (childhood vaccinations) adoption assistance, domestic sexual abuse, rape, and incest advocacy, and much more.

    When they were defunded all of these much-needed but unaffordable services were lost to the low-income residents of the community without any plan in place to replace these desperately necessary services that provide health for the underprivileged.

    Ironically, the end result of this complete defunding without the establishment of duplicate services jeopardizes the same innocent unborn lives that pro-lifers are so desperate to protect!

    A low-income pregnant woman who would normally go to the PP for prenatal checkups, vitamins, and nutritional assistance is left without these things vital to giving birth to a healthy full-term baby, as well as the post-partum needs of both mother and child!


    • Blaine says:

      These children are a gift from God and you should know that by the long message you wrote. But I believe it and if women don’t want to have children they can do something about it.

  3. James B Jacobs says:

    Abortion is murder. There’s no other way to describe it. They are killing the baby, selling off the parts and they think there is nothing wrong with that? If that’s not murder, I don’t know what murder is.

  4. DLN says:

    According to Scripture, Life begins at conception, and is in the handS of God ALMIGHTY, HE IS THE GIVER OF LIFE AND THE GUARDIAN TILL DEATH. TO BE ABLE TO LIVE UNDER HIS GUARDIANSHIP IS HEAVEN ON EARTH, He created us with Free will, and hoped we would choose to follow and depend on HIM……….

  5. Carol Cooper says:

    The heartbeat is a sign of human life. No abortion should be allowed. I agree to save th e life of the mother I understand. This is a tough question for all with a conscience. When we see God face to face he will answer us. Until them Pray to do the right thing.

  6. Michael J Korger says:

    This fetal heartbeat bill should be a minimum requirement in every state. This is SCIENCE and a no-brainer. And any abortion is certainly gravely immoral. The only exception is to “directly” save the life of the mother. Rape or incest? Why does the baby have to die because of the disgusting action of his father?