He Did WHAT for a Pregnant Woman?!

(DCWatchdog.com) – In a dangerous display to rally support for a seemingly good cause, a guy who makes videos online got arrested after he climbed to the top of a new big globe-shaped building in Las Vegas.

Police officers caught Maison Des Champs after he risked himself to collect donations for a homeless pregnant woman named Isabel.

Des Champs calls himself a fan of scaling tall buildings and was seen on camera standing way up on the huge Vegas landmark. He shared a clip on his Facebook where he is wearing a white hoodie, sunglasses and a camera strapped to his head.

During his adventure he mentioned that the police wanted him to come down from the Sphere by going through the top part of it. According to a friend Des Champs climbed up the building without any safety gear in just 20 minutes.

A few other folks got held by the police for a bit as well, as reported by KTNV. Although another individual involved named Tim Clement told the news site that they were not looking at any legal trouble as of now, it is unclear whether Des Champs will end up facing any charges.

A person speaking for Sphere Entertainment thanked the local cops for handling the situation.

Clement explained that Des Champs, who they nicknamed “pro-life spiderman,” is trying to gather funds so Isabel can choose not to go ahead with an abortion she has planned for February 11th. Clement added that Isabel already has twins.

As seen in his Instagram page Des Champs is known for climbing tall buildings to collect donations for women facing tough situations with their pregnancies.

Before this he climbed the Aria hotel and casino as a way to protest against Nevada’s rules during the COVID-19 pandemic and also made it up a 51-story building in San Francisco among other high-rise challenges.