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Has Pence Abandoned Trump?

Lawyers for Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Arizona’s 11 Republican electors revealed Tuesday that Vice President Mike Pence declined to sign onto their plan to upend Congress’ certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory,” according to Politico. [emphasis added]

It’s the first indication that Pence is resisting some of the most extreme calls to reverse the presidential election results, thus relying on his role as the presiding officer on Jan. 6, when Congress meets to finalize Biden’s win. [emphasis added]

“Gohmert and the Arizona electors sued Pence this week to throw out the procedures that Congress has relied upon since 1889 to count electoral votes. Instead, he said, Pence has the unilateral authority to determine which electors should be voted upon by Congress — raising the prospect that Pence would simply override the choices made by voters in states like Arizona and Pennsylvania that Biden won, to introduce President Donald Trump’s electors instead.

“But in a motion to expedite proceedings, Gohmert and the electors revealed that their lawyers had reached out to Pence’s counsel in the Office of the Vice President to attempt to reach agreement before going to court.

“‘In the teleconference, Plaintiffs’ counsel made a meaningful attempt to resolve the underlying legal issues by agreement, including advising the Vice President’s counsel that Plaintiffs intended to seek immediate injunctive relief in the event the parties did not agree,’ according to Gohmert’s filing. ‘Those discussions were not successful in reaching an agreement and this lawsuit was filed.'”…

“Pence still has not publicly weighed in on his plans for presiding over the Jan. 6 session, when Congress will count electoral votes expected to certify Biden’s victory. He also has not publicly commented on Trump’s repeated calls to reverse the results of the democratic process and install himself for a second term.” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to Politico.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe Vice-President Pence has done enough to help President Trump get re-elected and stay in office?


  1. G says:

    It’s my understanding Pence may have resigned and we won’t know that for sure until Jan 6th. If that is true, I am not sure who becomes next in line to open the votes, Mike Pompeo maybe or Nancy Pelosi, or who? I believe there was a contingency plan for this to happen. What we about to soon witness has been in the planning stages for a very long time.

  2. Tindall says:

    Call you Rep. in Congress and senator’s as well… what the hell its our right after all. I’ve called the 2 Senator’s here in Indiana useless!! Todd Young is a Marine for Christ sak. Email Rep. Banks nothing as far as a response. Called those pricks who say this resistance to the obviously fraudulent and stolen election AKA Sen. McConnell, Sass, Congressman Kinzinger… who said this is a grifters scam for money’s.. WTF are you talking about Adam?! You are the phucking nut job here PAL UNREAL!!! I guess sen. Hawley needs a lil extra cash… I told Sen Ass!!! That Senator Hawley had forgot more about Law then he’d ever know! All you dishonest POWER HUNGRY politicians need to be held accountable. Illegals get $1800 fresh off the printing press… AMERICANS get 600 gee thanks Mitch… you can keep your phucking crumbs you CHOW CHOW and PEELOUSY need it more than me. Mr. Pence you swore to uphold the constitution… was that just a bunch of crap? See you in DC on the 6th.. be there or be square for sure!!! Please General Flynn or someone of your stature step up and lead us to RISE UP AND CLEAN THIS COUNTRY UP ONCE AND FOR All. God Bless 45, God Bless General Flynn, God Bless AMERICA 🇺🇸 PS Supreme Court Chief Justice Lib O Roberts…. what are you gonna do when we ascend on a sanctuary city near you?! Yell all you want scumbag, if this injustice is not mad rite it will fall to the people!!!! See ya soon in DC!!!!

  3. Cheryl Atwan says:

    VP Pence must stand with President Trump or he will loose all credibility with the American people. President Trump won by a landslide and this will put him in the White House for another 4 years.

  4. ROBERT M ROSATI says:

    Vice President Pence: it is your responsibility to take control of this situation that the Democrats have put us in!! Do what the American people are asking you to do and keep PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP AS OUR PRESIDENT!! Many of lives have been put into the making of this COUNTRY, it would be a travesty to see it all for not!!!!

  5. Sandra says:

    Pence apparently cancelled his trip to Israel.. so perhaps he will refuse to certify the illegitimate votes and do what the Constitution says. The President is already making alternative plans if Pence refuses to do his job. Greatest President ever, and it seems the Swamp has many who are against him, especially from the Republican Party.

  6. Judy GRAY says:

    VP Pence,

    You took an oath to obey the laws of this land. You also said you would fight for election integrity. You said this in front of over 3,000 young people at a Turning Point rally, I believe. You have a daughter or daughters who are watching you carefully. You must as a Christian, stand up for righteousness and courage. So few men do in these trying times. Over 75-80,000,000 million people,with 45,000,000 Christians voted for President Trump and you. Yes, you also. Please do not let us down. On January 6, be strong and courageous Joshua 1:8 and save America from the murder of millions of babies, fraudu

    lent elections, and the disintegration of America as we know it. We are praying for you. I am asking God to speak to you in the midnight hour. Be blessed!

    • Sharon Carter says:

      AMEN Judy…We are believing, trusting and praying for a Victory!!! God is able and will give us 4 more good years with Trump and Pence.

    • FT says:

      Right on July Gray … Come on Pence, do the right thing for our country. So much is at stake. Don’t bow down to the LEFT! Can you imagine what Sleepy Joe & Kruella Harris will do to this country,and to the American people? Too many folks have been brainwashed by the demoRats and the Lamestream media. The dems are trying so hard to quiet the massive cheating that happened. Stop them from sweeping this under the rug!

    • Betty Chub says:

      Yes, Amen to this. We are praying for all involved so all will do what is right, despite the difficulty! Prayers, Prayers, Prayers!

  7. Carol Cliff says:

    Big things are going to happen.pence will never abandon Trump.Trump will not leave the Whitehouse and demos will be in prison.

  8. Susan Hazelwood-Hensel says:

    Vp Pence,The people voted for Trump and yourself. The election is being stolen from us, please do not allow this to happen/ You have the ability to stand up and say these states are under investigation for fraud,so their votes don’t count. Do it for the 80 million who voted for Trump, for us! For America! for our children! For Freedom! For the world!

  9. Pat Riot says:

    Nothing short of a revolution or a civil war will stop this election from being stolen by the swamp crocs and crooks!
    Trump scared the living lights out if them all, Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, etc.
    We the people have grown complacent and need to rise up or America will be gone the way of the commies! Biden has already sold these US of A to the corrupt Chinese! It’s the Red Dawn! And no, it’s not a movie, and it’s not North Korea!
    It’s that simple. The swamp cabal is set on destroying America, and they are suceeding!

    • Craig says:

      You are so right it’s starting to get scary!! VP pence if you let them steal this from the American people then you are no better than scumbag McConnell, Pelosi, crying Chuck, and the rest of this 1 party globalist pink O squad!! Sen. Josh Hawley, and Rep. Mo Brooks are true patriots thank god. If they can’t make the perfect pitch to Congress then it fall to us the people…. yeah that’s right Mitch we the people. These phuck sticks forgot that the proverbial sleeping BEARS they have been poking for all these years might have just WOKE the PHUCK UP!!!! All you cozy elected officials don’t ever forget that the BEARS you just WOKE THE PHUCK UP!!! Have more GUNS then your military and police combined. Rise the PHUCK UP and make your voice heard 1-6-21 see you in DC!!! The heartland is not a bunch of sissy punks to be trifled with… coming to a sanctuary city near you. God Bless 45, God Bless General Flynn, God Bless the USA 🇺🇸

  10. Catherine says:

    V. P. Pence stand up for the people and We need you to make the right decision. We know that this Election was a giant Fraud. Cheaters are not supposed to win . Remember Winners do not cheat , So since we all know that the democrats cheated do not let them win. Stand up for America, our fore fathers died and many of our men and women are still giving all, to keep America Free. Freedom is not free as we all know. We have to stand up side by side and make the decisions that need to be made to keep our country FREE.

    • Terrie Simpson says:

      This is concerning,if true? Pray Pence not part of the Swamp!
      Vice President Pence, stand with Trump & We The People!

  11. Sherry Wilson says:

    I pray to God Pence does the right thing! Something has to happen or the fraud will continue and all corrupted people will go free! America will be no more! Please do the right thing!

  12. Steven Terrell says:

    I have a feeling Pence is avoiding a strong stance for Trump in order to avoid
    death threats from the loonies. When it comes down to the time to make the decision I think he will go in favor of Trump. At least I’m praying he will.

  13. Charles Johnson says:

    He. Should in office another term the election was stolen from him.

  14. Diz says:

    I’m from Indiana, and this does not surprise me at all. I’ve been expecting this all along. Pence can “talk the talk,” but he does not have the balls to “walk the walk.” I ecpect him to turn tail and run when the whole thing depends on him. I hope I am wrong, but I expect him to let the entire country and our entire future down.

  15. Dr Conrad Lohutko says:

    Electoral cheating and voter fraud has been pandemic in Pennsylvania since at least the1964 election. Pence should only recognize the alternate Republican electors from Pennsylvania. He should end these frauds as the Supreme Court has refused to hear a full case.

  16. JJ says:

    Carol, get your head out of the sand! This was the most dishonest election there ever was! We the people are being screwed “AGAIN”!

  17. David Boivin says:

    I think everyone needs to relax and let Pence do what he needs to do. It would be foolish to announce what he plans to do before he actually does it. In this rare and extremely import time in our history, we need to be decisive, careful and implement the most successful maneuver known to
    Mankind…. the element of surprise which is what releasing the Kraken is all about.

  18. Mrs. Carol Jeanneret says:

    These rotten Republicans think they have the right to decide on the President of the United States and to hell with the American voters and the Constitution. I hope all of these Republicans have to go on record and that every single one of them is held accountable for their actions. They have NO RIGHT to be in office. They took an oath to defend our country and they get their pay from the American people, NOT DONALD TRUMP! Despicable!

    • Tony D says:

      If only you had a clue!!! 6 states violated their own laws and the constitution to get Joe Biden a win by cheating! You apparently have no idea how the constitution works!

    • Pat Riot says:

      Carol, Carol, Carol, Carol, poor Carol from the network! Who pays you? Papa Joe? Or you like Hunting too, with corrupt Biden Jr.? You wouldn’t be able to see an elephant if it was about to stomp on you!
      The election was stolen! The corruption is rampant! The lies never seem to be enough, fir these corrupt bloodsuckers.
      America needs a POTUS that can stand up to China and defend American interests, and Sleepy Joe, Galloping Dementia Joe, ain’t it!
      Oh, and by the way, I’m not Republican, so don’t waste yourself flaming me with that one! Most Republicans these days are nothing but RINOs! But DESPICABLE is the right word to describe the Bidens, “Kabala Harass,” the Democrats, and the stealing of the election! You are right on that one! Only looking in the wrong direction. Trump won the election. End of story.

  19. Treu66 says:

    If Pence turns his back on President Trump now he may as well walk away from politics completely. Nobody in America would ever trust the man again period. Week after week day after day he has stated that he will stand with the President in this fight so if he puts his tail between his legs and runs when it’s his turn to fight then he needs to pack his bags and leave the U.S.A. He would be considered to be a traitor by 75 million plus American people who believe that this election was an outright fraud on many levels.

  20. Sharon says:

    President Trump won the 2020 election. The Democrats did everything to cheat! It isn’t fair to the voters who did things the right way! Do not let the Democrats steal the election from us!

    • Carol says:

      Where were you when Trump and the Russians stole the election for “The Don” in 2016? It’s ok for Republicans and a crooked man to steal the election but no one else can??? By the way, PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN didn’t have to steal anything, he won it fair and square; for all you Republicans that don’t know what that means; it means he won it “HONESTLY” a word Republicans don’t understand.

      • Mary Ann says:

        To Carol: since when is voter fraud ok? My vote counts the same as anyone else! You should be ashamed for just admitting you are one of Biden’s puppets. You have believed all the propaganda fake news has thrown out there so I understand your dilemma. Biden is just another puppet being used by the corrupt Marxist Communist Socialist Demos who have tried every devious & evil way to get Trump out of office & destroy our economy that Trump had restored before the corrupt Demos forced the pandemic on the American people & the world! No coincidence! you call yourself an American! Better get yourself Re-educated & up to date! Fraud is the last slap in the face of our Republic & Constitution! Sounds like you don’t mind being a slave to a Marxist Communist Socialist government. You’ve been duped & many others as well. There’s enough evidence to prove Biden did not in fact win the election. It’s disappointing to see so many are so blind. If Biden is allowed to be Pres you can say goodbye to our America as we know her & our rights & freedoms!!! One thing we can count on… G-d is not finished with Pres Trump yet!!!!

        • Mary Ann says:

          Regarding Pence:? If he does not stand up for Pres Trump as he has stated many times up until now, no worries because G-d is in control & this election will not be determined by man. G-d is not finished with Pres Trump or the American people. There is still much prayer to be done so that G-d can forgive us & heal our land. We better be on our knees because the Lord is coming soon!!!

        • Laverne Godwin says:

          You are so right, Mary Ann!

      • Pat Riot says:

        The Russians? Hahahahaha! You still riding that lie? Even after millions were wasted trying to prove something that never was? Carol, Carol, Carol, go get your meds, girl! You need treatment! The Vivid PLANdemic ate away your brain and zombifies you, it seems. LOL!

    • TonyD says:

      Mr Vice president I hope you develop some intestinal fortitude and follow Louie Gohmert’s lead! For the sake of not losing our country to the CCP

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