HAPPENING NOW: Trump Under Oath In Alleged Rape Case

(DCWatchdog.com) – HAPPENING NOW: Today, former President Donald Trump is set to be placed under oath to testify in a deposition about a rape he is alleged to have committed back in the 1990s.

As CNBC is reporting in a piece headlined “Trump set to be deposed in a rape defamation lawsuit by writer E. Jean Carroll“:

“Former President Donald Trump is set to be deposed Wednesday for a civil lawsuit accusing him of defaming the writer E. Jean Carroll after she accused him of raping her.

“Trump on Oct. 12 lost his bid to delay being questioned under oath by Carroll’s lawyers when a federal judge brushed aside arguments that a pending appeal in the lawsuit warranted putting the case on hold…

“A trial in the case is scheduled for February.” [emphasis added]

And the civil suit may not be the only legal action in this case.

“Even if that trial is put on hold or outright canceled as the result of the pending appeal, Carroll plans to sue the 76-year-old Trump in New York state court next month under a new law that lifted the statute of limitations for claims of rape and sexual abuse.” [emphasis added]