HAPPENING NOW: Top US General Says War Is Imminent

General Mike Minihan

(DCWatchdog.com) – A four-star general of the Air Force, Mike Minihan, has warned his officers to prepare for a war with China within the next two years.

In a memo sent on Friday, Minihan, the head of the 50,000-member Air Mobility Command, emphasized the importance of lethality in preparation for the conflict.

He wrote, “Fire a clip into a 7-meter target…Aim for the head.”

Although Minihan expressed hope that he was wrong, he indicated that his intuition told him the war would likely occur in 2025.

Minihan’s memo came amid growing tensions between China and Taiwan, which has been the subject of almost daily incursions into its airspace and waters by the Chinese military.

The general stated that Chinese President Xi Jinping had secured his third term and set up his war council in October 2022.

He also pointed out that the presidential elections in Taiwan in 2024 and the United States in 2024 could provide a reason and distraction for Xi to wage war.

The Department of Defense, however, sought to downplay Minihan’s memo, with a spokesperson saying that the comments were not representative of the department’s views on China.

Despite this, the general directed all personnel of the AMC to focus on target practice in February, consider their personal affairs, and ensure that they were legally ready and prepared.

In conclusion, Minihan’s memo highlights the growing tensions between China and Taiwan and the possibility of a war in the near future. Although the Department of Defense has sought to downplay the memo, it is clear that the Air Force is preparing for the worst.