GOP Wants THIS App Banned for National Security Reasons

( – TikTok, possibly Communist China’s best tool against America, has been spreading anti-Israel propaganda so rabidly after the recent terrorist invasion against the Jewish State that congressional Republicans have renewed their push for banning the Chinese social media platform.

On October 7, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel, killing sadistically over 1,400 civilians, including dozens of Americans. Israel’s counter-measures against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian Arab enclave, have sparked mass leftist and Muslim protests in Western nations.

Amidst the conflict with Hamas, Republican legislators are expressing growing apprehensions about the prevalence of anti-Israel content on TikTok.

This situation is propelling them to reinvigorate their efforts to prohibit the app in the United States, The New York Post reports, citing its sources.

The report notes there’s noticeable evidence of a skew toward anti-Israel material compared to pro-Palestinian content.

An analysis shows the top search result for “stand with Palestine” had nearly 3 billion views as of October 26, vastly outnumbering the 200 million views for “stand with Israel.”

TikTok’s data, as reported by Axios, confirmed this trend in the United States, with the #StandwithPalestine hashtag being more than twice as prevalent as #StandwithIsrael in the past two weeks.

This trend has caused alarm among key Republican figures like Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), who seek a nationwide TikTok ban.

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) benefits by destabilizing the Middle East and pushing the United States to put more manpower back into the region,” Blackburn stated, emphasizing the need for a ban due to the app’s invasive nature.

The influx of pro-Palestinian content on TikTok is pronounced among its predominant Gen Z and millennial user base in the US.

Jeff Morris Jr., a venture fund managing partner, said Israel was “losing the information war with high school & college students” on TikTok, while the platform might be amplifying pro-Palestine perspectives.

“We have zero visibility into whether the viral nature of this content is the result of user engagement, bot campaigns, or the CCP’s covert influence,” said Gallagher, who chairs the House Select Committee on China.

“All of this illustrates the fundamental problem with TikTok: it is an avenue for the CCP to covertly inject any message it wants—particularly during a crisis—into the American bloodstream. We must act now to ban it,” the Republican lawmaker added.