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GOP Senator: GOP Will Lose If It Continues to ‘Idolize’ Trump

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy (La.) warned Sunday the Republican Party will face continued election losses if the GOP maintains its loyalty to former President Donald Trump,” according to the conservative Blaze News.

Cassidy was unanimously censured by the Louisiana Republican Party earlier this month after voting to convict Trump at the former president’s second impeachment trial. Cassidy was one of seven GOP senators who voted “guilty.”

“Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Cassidy explained the Republican Party faced critical losses under Trump’s leadership.

“‘Over the last four years, we lost the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency,’ Cassidy said. ‘That has not happened in a single four years under a president since Herbert Hoover.’ [emphasis added]

“Cassidy added that “campaigns are about winning” — and if Republicans want to win in the future, they must look beyond Trump.

“In fact, Cassidy said losing will be the result in 2022 and 2024 if Republicans continue to “idolize” Trump.”

For more of this report, go to the conservative Blaze News.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Republican Senator Bill Cassidy’s statements about Trump and the future of the GOP?


  1. frank says:

    Stay out of the lime light look what you have done in your past service in congress ZERO so whats your problem cant do anything for anyone like you are suppose to serve your people and stop building up a name for yourself just lie Cuomo move to new york

  2. RSREEDY says:

    Cassidy won’t be in politics in 2024,well maybe dog catcher.

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    I would not give up the fight! First we witness the state that had DEMONcrat governor and secretary of state REFUSE TO do their jobs! But we also witness John Roberts of the Supreme Court refuse to hear the case. NOW IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE RULE. WE HAVE TO TAKE BACK THE HOUSE! BECAUSE THAT IS THE PLACE THAT GET TO DECIDED THE RULE OF THE ELECTION! Read the CONSTITUTION LAWS!

  4. Holly Rose says:

    Cassidy is so right. trump was NOT made for the presidency. He is a crooked, corrupt, criminal business man. I am so glad Biden is a true, honest, forthright, kind politician. My sister attests to that. She pointed out his good points. We are fortunate to have Biden now. America will be great now.


      HRose, is your brain where you sit??? You are so wrong regarding Biden, he was only elected because the DumoCrates fixed the key states…He is so crooked and not a man that can be appear to be one type of person that has never, ever figured out what is bad and what is good. Stay tuned and watch your taxes(if you work) cost of living will take your money as the dollar will be printed so much, we will end up as Venezuela only good for toilet paper..
      Start watching other TV stations besides CNN,ABC,CBS your being brain washed..
      I suppose you think China is your best country too!!


  5. Wyatt Earp says:

    Cassidy you can do what other rino do! Change party! Even the GOP should drop you from their funds team! Do you got any balls? Afraid not! Because you voted to impeached Trump because He the only one who stood up to the CORRUPTION DEMOCRAT! YOU, WHAT A LAUGH! WE don’t need COWARD! We need PATROIT AMERICANS! What have you done for Louisiana?

  6. Carlos Corona says:

    Read the LIPS Cassidy. THIS WAS ELECTION FRAUD perpetrated by the DEEP STATE. Pres. Trump won the election fair & square and his supporters will get even stronger as the weeks & months move on ONLY because we know know exactly how devious & secretly the deep state did this election fraud. There’s probably a lot more than 75 million people that are on the brink of a revolution in America which is now being run by most likely the CIA/Deep State.

  7. bob jeffreys says:

    this is Trump”s party and if you don’t like it,
    just become a democrat. we don’t want any more traitorous rinos

  8. Larry says:

    I agree with him. I party needs to move on.

    • Mary Murphy says:

      If moving on means losing any semblance of Conservatism, then GO AWAY!

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      Wrong Larry! Tell me how he right? Are you a coward as well? First time anybody stood up to these Democrat POLITICAN! Can you prove Cassidy and other rino didn’t help rigged the election? Just as those DEMONcrat claim it was Trump SUPPORTER who cause the riot at the WHITE HOUSE! Did they go out there and asked the root are the Trump supporter? No! They are just Pelosi lying about everything! As the media always LYING! You didn’t hear anything but lies out of Mitch Mcconnell mouth as well! Mitch mcconnell didn’t go out there and asked either! Don’t forget Trump request 10thousanf NATIONAL GUARD the week before! BUT PELOSI SAID NO!

  9. Pete says:

    And how many elections will the GOP win with Senator Cassidy as the standard bearer? Do I have a guess of zero? Or will it be less than zero?

  10. Mariano says:

    Casside not only looks stupid, he is stupid.

  11. Bruce says:

    Where dose he get his information from? Did he have a dream? Oh, I bet he watches CNN or CSNBC! Maybe he got a email from Hillary.

  12. PATTY says:


  13. Thomas Condito says:

    This moron thinks the American people are that stupid! We lost the presidency by cheats so be loyal to your party or risk losing your position idiot!

  14. Roswitha Crosby says:

    It’s spineless Republicans like this, who DON’T listen to their constituents, is what’s wrong with the Republicans party.

  15. illiad Oddessy says:

    Cassidy is another closet democrat.

    • Michael Wooten says:

      get bent reedy , we will never die or cave in to the communistic leftis to include you.