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Geraldo: ‘Joe Biden Won – Donald Trump Lost’

In a move that’s not going to win him any friends or fans among supporters of President Donald Trump, Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera published a video to Twitter (see below) where he calls those who want Trump to continue to contest the election, “knuckleheads.”

Further, Rivera states bluntly, “Joe Biden won. Donald Trump lost. The Electoral College has now decided. It is over. We must focus now…on the Georgia Senate races.”

Please watch the video and then share your thoughts about Geraldo Rivera and his remarks in the comment section on this page.


  1. Norm says:

    Geraldo is as much of an idiot as the Bidens

  2. Holly Rose says:

    I agree with Geraldo. It is over and it is President Biden.

  3. Treu66 says:

    Geraldo is nothing but a washed up Jerry Springer. Hell his program wasn’t even as popular as Jerry’s yet he thinks his opinion matters in something as important as the future of America!!! NOT!!! Geritolman you need to go away quietly before someone throws more than a chair at you period. Every American with a brain in their head knows that this election was rigged and they know the democratic party, the liberal media, Soros, Obama, the Clintons,Hollywood elites, big tech, and many more were behind all of it. The only reason that the politicians don’t want President Trump around is because they are no longer able to steal taxpayer’s money the way they did for decades before he became president.

    • Jill says:

      Geraldo is spineless and blind and just like the rest of them out for himself. And I agree who cares what he has to say no one watches him anyway . I hope out of all this those who have pulled this horrible crime all go to jail and rot. At least now most of Americans have waken up and now sees what is going on. I just hope we can do something to change it. Like research who you are voting for among other things.

    • Julie says:

      Absolutely agree with you Mike Geraldo is always flipping he has no clue who he’s for it just depends who he is interviewing with he’s a waste I don’t pay attention to anything he has too say he is just a big mouth 👄 he just needs too go away he’s irrelevant

    • mary says:

      AGREE 100%

  4. Bonnie says:

    Geraldo is an idiot! He always has been! Please note he always said that he was Trump’s friend – I never heard it from Trump! Geraldo needs to have a pin stuck in his big head to deflate it and then put him in a locked room. He adds nothing to the conversation.

  5. Peggy A Boatman says:

    Geraldo Rivera is the KNUCKLEHEAD. It is not a WIN if you CHEAT to get it. Dead people voting, out of state, illegals, double voting and don’t forget Dominion. Geraldo is getting to old to call any decision making.

  6. Barb says:

    I will make him red!😂

  7. Sgt. M902 says:

    I mote with interest this devil worshipper never mentioned, “under God”at the completion of his video. You give it a rest, Rivera.

  8. Joan says:

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the election was rigged. Thousands of Trump supporters were seen at his rally inside the building and standing outside. A Biden rally had so few people they could be counted on two hands. It makes me sick to have Biden as a President and it is a sad time for America to be under the control of unqualified evil politicians. They will be enriching themselves with power and money while the working class middle America citizen become the peasants of the country. I pray, God help us.

  9. marvin caddell says:

    Go back under your rock satin you are a liar and the father of it GOD WINS AGAIN !!

  10. Lane Allen says:

    I’m sorry but I’ve been a long time watcher of FOX News- and I have seen this Chanel slip more to the Democratic Party ideas- after this last go around I’ve stopped watching FOX and picked up on the new news station ONE – It is refreshing to watch- like FOX use to be 😢

  11. ROBERT COPLEY says:

    Heraldo always has been and is a La Raza Trojan Horse with open borders attitude and Reconquista support of the South West United States, if not the whole of the United States of America.

  12. Richard says:

    Sore losers. Where were you GOPs when Trump stole the 2016 election. Hillary had the greater number of popular votes. The Dems did not carry on as you people are. It’s time for both sides to band together for the good of our free country.

    • john says:

      More BS from the liberal Mob. The dems don’t even have a .000001 percent of evidence that the 2020 freud has yet they carried on a 4 year tantrum including fake impeachment, fake Russia Hoax. NO EVIDENCE. NONE WHATSOEVER. We now have overwhelming evidence that at the very least, makes the election illigitimate, yet you want us to quit whining.

      • Evelyn Oneill says:

        Hey John, yours is a great response to the previous one from Richard that says we stole the election from Hillary. Dems couldn’t handle Trump winning so they tried taking him out for 4 fruitless years. We’ll b ok whem Trump is back in the Wh.

    • Mark says:

      What planet have you been living on for the past four years? The lefties displayed nothing but hate & division every day of Trump’s presidency. Easily the sorest losers in a presidential election EVER. As for the 2016 election being stolen, you need a civics lesson. If not for the electoral college, the large metro areas would be determining elections. Certainly not fair to the rest of the country.

    • Barb says:

      Maybe you don’t know the law. He won the electoral college. You are a sh___hd

    • Barb says:

      Read the constitution dck___hf

    • mary says:


  13. Camille Costelli says:

    Tell Geraldo to shut up. it isn’t over until 1/6/21. give the guy a break. shut your mouth and let this play out. You have been a traitor from the beginning to tell Trump enough is enough. you are propelling the hate it is what you have been preaching.

  14. Tony C says:

    I thought I was unattractive. That Bozo is one ugly dude. More wrinkles than Jaba the Hut. Both him and the other FOX asshole
    Mike Wallace can go screw themselves. They don’t speak for any true patriot who believes in the rule of law. We have a Constitution for a reason. Pardon another Star Wars reference but I believe the
    “Farce” is in them!

    • You are absolutely correct. Heraldo, in my opinion, as usual, is letting his anti anglo mocking bird mouth overload his hummingbird ass. Obviously, Heraldo doesn’t understand the Electoral College Act of 1887 or the U.S. Constitution and the idea of dueling electors, especially when concern and proof of an illegal election are rampant.

    • Barb says:

      I agree. He should shave his mustache, go a little lower, and, oh! Slit his throat!

  15. Anne Davenport says:

    I firmly believe historians will honor President Donald Trump as the most honest, innovative and accomplished president in America since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This relentlessly persecuted man cares about his country, the people that serve it and fellow Americans in the purest sense. He is untainted by the dirty politics that so many dishonest career politicians participate in. He is in nobody’s pocket nor owned by anyone like the Biden’s of this world. Citizens of this country need to get back to loving God, our neighbors, our country and the flag of the United States of America. What has happened to American values such as faith, pride, honor and respect?

    • Biob Isham says:

      Very well said Anne. We have lost the rudder to our ship and President Trump could have turned things around and put us back of course. History will judge him in the ranks of Washington, Jefferson and perhaps Lincoln. He is what America needed and what the crooked Libs cheated every loyal American out of.

  16. Pepper says:

    I’m glad the previous responders are not my neighbors. They are closed minded and not “true Americans.”
    I applaud you Geraldo and agree with you.

  17. Richard Rodie says:

    Really ? We’re all now supposed to be civil… you know move on. We’re just to accept the lies, boxes/suitcases of found votes at 3am , dead people voting, democrat run states that just happened to be run by democrats. You and Chris Wallace should do to yourselves what’s physically impossible

  18. Andy says:

    This election was stolen from Trump and all of Trump’s supporters. Geraldo needs to shut the crap up. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  19. Geraldo has never said anything to amount to a “hill of beans”. Fox tarnished their image when they hired him and I stopped watching Fox with the changes they made.

  20. Phil says:

    Geraldo neeeds to go back to Ohio and bury his head back up is ass. I used to listen to him, but recently he has shown his progressive liberal style. I thought the five was bad because off Juan Williams was out, but I was actually glad when he came back.

  21. Ralph says:

    go fuck yourself Geraldo the Rat! Know when to say you are Irrelivant! Fuck you you Traitor! You fucking know they cheated! Rot in hell you prick!

    • Richard Rodie says:

      Ralph way to go. You forgot to mention his fellow dickhead Chris Wallace. Let’s all join hands and sing ….” Kum…by…ahh”

  22. Cucino says:

    Geraldo, go back to the hood bro. Al Capone is still looking for you.

  23. rose Mendon says:

    I hope Geraldo gets all these comments as well as the Democratic party who has thick faces. They treat Americans as stupid. We Americans are smarter than you, Democrats are not Americans.

  24. Marilyn says:

    Geraldo you are a loud mouthed nobody! You are an egotistical fool.

    • Linda says:

      You did not say or do anything during the last 4 years when out country was in turmoil from DEMOCRATS,building burners, ANTIFA THE BILLIONAIRES HIRED TO CREATE ALL THE MESS, FIRES LOOTING DESTRUCTION, PEOPLE KILLED AND OR HARMED AND YOU THE DEMOCRATS LET THIS HAPPEN.
      please leave this country and take all ur cohorts including Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of them( Gates,Soros and all those that capitalize in this country and made billions, now wants to destroy our COUNTRY)…

  25. Daniel Hynes says:

    There is none so blind as he who will not see! Maybe Geraldo can’t see cause his head is so far up his ass!

  26. Gloria says:

    Oh shut up 🤐 Have never liked him. I turn off Fox when he’s on, I turn off Fox when Juan Williams is on. Such opportunists😖

  27. T Beach says:

    Guess what Geraldo. You just made the list. Thats right. We can make lists of Obiden supporters too.

  28. Marcy Nordwall says:

    You are a lawyer and expecting Pres. Trump to give up?
    The facts are not present but will be soon. We will be watching you trying to redeem yourself. You are done.
    We the people have wisdom beyond you’re callous statements. Best to fade away Geraldo.

  29. Pat Riot says:

    Never heard about this guy. Could not care about what this tur.d has to say or what Fake News – sorry, Fox News – has to say either.

  30. N Sims says:

    Doesn’t sound like an independent to me, looks like geraldo is all blue. Why doesn’t he just retire, no one cares what he thinks anyway.

  31. Butch says:

    When did the Democrats start recognizing Trump as president?????They have tried to overthrow him since day 1.They have caused the divide in the country.Why didn’t Hunter campaign for his dad like the Trump family did?????This was a corrupt election.75,000,000 people aren’t Wrong Geraldo

  32. Sandra says:

    Sr. Rivera cuanto le pagaron por decir lo que dice? Esta Ud. ciego Sr. Rivera? que no esta viendo el fraude???

  33. Mike says:

    Geraldo is nothing but an egotistical POS!!! Don’t watch fox since election. Apparently no one else is because their numbers have tanked!!! The ‘Voter Fraud’ was real. sleezy joe & heels-up will never be my pres/vp!!! The DEMONCRAPS are destroying America. odumbo & sorASS should be in prison, along with a long list of DEMONCRAPS!!! Just my opinion.

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