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Former Defense Secretaries: Election Is Over

In an unprecedented action, all 10 living former defense secretaries have written an open letter clearly directed at President Donald Trump, the current acting secretary of defense Christopher C. Miller, all members of the Armed Forces, and the American people.

Please read the letter below and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with the former defense secretaries when they state, “The time for questioning the [election] results has passed”?

Here is the letter:

As former secretaries of defense, we hold a common view of the solemn obligations of the U.S. armed forces and the Defense Department. Each of us swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We did not swear it to an individual or a party.

American elections and the peaceful transfers of power that result are hallmarks of our democracy. With one singular and tragic exception that cost the lives of more Americans than all of our other wars combined, the United States has had an unbroken record of such transitions since 1789, including in times of partisan strife, war, epidemics and economic depression. This year should be no exception.

Our elections have occurred. Recounts and audits have been conducted. Appropriate challenges have been addressed by the courts. Governors have certified the results. And the electoral college has voted. The time for questioning the results has passed; the time for the formal counting of the electoral college votes, as prescribed in the Constitution and statute, has arrived.

As senior Defense Department leaders have noted, “there’s no role for the U.S. military in determining the outcome of a U.S. election.” Efforts to involve the U.S. armed forces in resolving election disputes would take us into dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory. Civilian and military officials who direct or carry out such measures would be accountable, including potentially facing criminal penalties, for the grave consequences of their actions on our republic.

Transitions, which all of us have experienced, are a crucial part of the successful transfer of power. They often occur at times of international uncertainty about U.S. national security policy and posture. They can be a moment when the nation is vulnerable to actions by adversaries seeking to take advantage of the situation.

Given these factors, particularly at a time when U.S. forces are engaged in active operations around the world, it is all the more imperative that the transition at the Defense Department be carried out fully, cooperatively and transparently. Acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller and his subordinates — political appointees, officers and civil servants — are each bound by oath, law and precedent to facilitate the entry into office of the incoming administration, and to do so wholeheartedly. They must also refrain from any political actions that undermine the results of the election or hinder the success of the new team.

We call upon them, in the strongest terms, to do as so many generations of Americans have done before them. This final action is in keeping with the highest traditions and professionalism of the U.S. armed forces, and the history of democratic transition in our great country.

–Ashton Carter, Dick Cheney, William Cohen, Mark Esper, Robert Gates, Chuck Hagel, James Mattis, Leon Panetta, William Perry, and Donald Rumsfeld


  1. Ken says:

    It’s not over until the Communist Democrats are punished for what attempting to overthrow our government. These 10 clowns will be charged as accessories to the coup attempt.

  2. Steve Westerhold says:

    You are correct that the election is over. You are completely wrong to even think let alone gang up and write that now we have to accept this decision because you say so. This election was a fraud in numerous areas around this country with Trump votes changed to Biden votes. The vast majority of voters didn’t vote for a mumbling, bumbling, idiot who can’t put three sentences together without loosing his train of thought, even when using a teleprompter!! Joe Biden is out to screw Americans, taxing us into poverty. This election and it’s consequences are NOT over and won’t be for this term. When legal votes were changed by Biden supporters, doubtful, Democratic Party and poll workers extremely likely, Biden is an illegitimate president! This Marine took an oath also and stands b that oath to this day. I stand by what I wrote and Biden is an illegitimate president, if real conflict and confrontation is needed or required we will arm ourselves and fight for the “soul” of this country and we will prevail!! You 10 need to stand by what is right and your constitutional duty not just who you like!!

    • Yolanda Villarreal says:

      How much are they getting from China (CCP)? This election was a fraud!!!

    • Julie says:

      I totally agree with you, as a Retired Army MSG. The part many are forgetting is the part of our oath “to defend the Constitution and country of the United States of America, both foreign and Domestic”. Everyone has the foreign part down pretty good; however, the domestic part many are blind to which includes these “former” Department of Defense Secretaries. As part of the military, yes, we do have the obligation not to be involved with politics when we are performing our duties; however, as US American citizens, we have every right to be involved in our elections and their processes. We did not give up our rights as citizens when we enlisted!

  3. Nancy Arnwine says:

    As was previously stated, if there was no fraud or election tampering, then why are the Dems all against having an investigation? If I were being accused of something that I didn’t do, I would welcome an investigation to prove my innocence, not try to prevent it. They don’t want an investigation because they know that there was fraud and tampering. And they have proven that they will go to any lengths to regain power of us and our country. What they have done, and are continuing to do, is not in the best interest of the people or our country. Traitors must be taken down. It’s time to join together in this great effort to take our country back from those who are not supporting our constitution or doing the jobs they were elected to do. We must find a way to get control of the gov’t. We must find a way to get these people who have been sitting in office for decades out. We need to limit the amount of time that anyone in public office can serve. The people in office must also be held accountable to the people, and treated the same as anyone else when they break our laws. If these people don’t like living here and following our constitution to the letter, then they should, by all means, get the hell out of our country. I’d be more than happy to help them pack. May God see us through these bleak and trying times.

  4. Shirley says:

    The election fraud has not been investigated by anyone, some pretending to trcount the same votes without auditing anything no courts willing to follow the constitution. These men are part of the past corruption. This country is in deep trouble

  5. Ky Ittenomi says:

    I agree with most comments. These former secretaries of defense were and are part of the swamp and administrations that transferred our money overseas and have aided in putting is in the position we face today. It is treason to rig and cheat on an election. We the people who are persecuted for every crime committed are sick and tired of the rich, famous, political people not being held to the same legal requirements that we are. They should be arrested and imprisoned like any other American. Hair salon owners and bakery owners have lost everything and have been arrested for the smallest infractions- we do not want to turn our heads and look away while this National election is stolen. If they steal this one- the rest will be the same. This system of theft has been growing for the past few decades.

  6. Michelle Mueller says:

    They say they defend the constitution but treason was committed by many and the election was completely unconstitutional. The people didn’t get to determine the winner the treasonous liberals did by illegally changing the constitution so they have to get involved. They are pathetic in their explanination because they are a walking contradiction. If it happened to the left they would be already involved. They are supposed to protect us from domestic and foreign enemies and are refusing to do their job. I suppose they want the people to do their job for them well maybe they’ll get their wish.

  7. Holly Rose says:

    Must agree with the sectys of defense that the election has nothing to do with military. It’s not a shooting war or and invasion so why is should the military be involved in the election? We’re mixing apples and oranges.

    • Michelle Mueller says:

      You need to look at the insurrection act. The military can absolutely get involved because treason was involved by domestic and foreign enemies. If we let this go then our republic will be gone forever. Say goodbye to freedom and everything you own. That’s socialism they take your property and will dole out supplies as they see fit. Look it up its not a wonderful fantasy it’s a hellscape for all the people.

  8. Greg says:

    Losers all!

  9. Lynda Tessein says:

    I want to thank the Communists that penned that letter to the decent citizens of the United States so WE, THE PEOPLE, who PAY FOR EVERYTHING in this United States of America now know exactly what they think of this Country that they have all given an oath to protect from other countries, and from those that want to harm our Country from within. When the leaders of our military institutions, the same individuals who make the decisions that sends our own honorable citizens to fight for our FREEDOM and to protect our Constitution now want to sway our citizens to accept that President Trump lost this election is a very sad time in this Country!! I almost don’t believe what I read in their letter. Is THIS caliber of military leader that we now have? Is this what is going to protect me and other U S Citizens. They should be supporting us and President Trump instead of using their own excuses and incompetencies to support a very far left Joe Biden, and all his policies that will in very short order make our United States a place that isn’t worth living in. They will in pack the courts — they will continue to cheat in future elections and we don’t have a Supreme Court now that seems to want to keep our Constitution in tact as it should remain — Bottom line is: If I wanted to be a socialist or communist country like Venezuela, I would move there!! I suggest these egotistical people that got together, write another letter that puts out the real facts — not all this garbage. They are supposed to be “Military” people NOT “Journalists” who are working for the radical Democrats. I KNOW I’m not alone in my ideas —– I have not given up on President Trump’s re-election and PLEASE, if these “Defense” leaders don’t agree and won’t work to help us, then is a real crime that they want to force us to give up our Constitutional rights.

  10. diane ehr says:

    Trump won this election and we will prevail

  11. Now that you have shown your true colors, thanks for your LACK of Service.Funny how they will “Protect the Constitution” as long as it requires NO sacrifice on their part. At least let the law be played out, What a bunch of Cowardly Traitors.


    So the former a–holes showed their true color..they are part of this effort to over throw this the United States Constitution. they have reinforced me that there is a “real deep state” made up of traitors and wanna be dictators.. their efforts to destroy the Presidential office of this country is treason, they should all be put in jail breaking rocks…I served in the military and swore and oath to “defend and protect this country to all foreign and domestic enemies” that means the something to me and my family. You a..holes don’t give 2 cents for this country…go to Cuba, China and serve them…with your attitude you would be put to death for treason…

  13. Jeff Keefer says:

    Sad days ahead when our military is being led by communism, not willing to stand for the people. Their remarks are treasonous to our country, maybe they should be hung or firing squad for saying such thing to have our country over taken! My they not be able to sleep at night for the letter they wrote against the people of United States.

  14. M. Land says:

    Yes, I agree that this is an unprecedented action, all 10 living former defense secretaries have written an open letter clearly directed at President Donald Trump, the current acting secretary of defense Christopher C. Miller, all members of the Armed Forces, and the American people are wrong in what they are doing. How stupid can they be? I like Mr. Allen above, also took and oath to protect America I am also a US Army Vietnam veteran. I served my country proudly since Cuba was involved in getting Nuclear Missiles pointed against America from Cuba. That is why I served. I stayed in and proudly served. I fought for my country in the military. The reason we have been in conflict many times is because some Politicians and General Military leaders want us to remain in wars forever fighting in combat. I guess they form companies that can support war efforts in supply and logistics, the main resources for any war, and get rich in doing that. I have lost a lot of my friends in war. Now I am losing my country. You CAN NOT DO THAT TO ME, to US to OUR Country. We finally have a great President the last 4 years of our real elected President , Mr. Donald Trump, that loves us, our country, and uses honest real common sense in his support for us, ion everything he deals with. You politicians want to kiss the enemy’s ass and send us to war and fight them too. People like the civilians in Government are the named as Domestic people that could harm us, as now doing just that. They are harming me and our fellow Americans. When I joined the military we were asked to swear we would not allow ANY Enemy both foreign and domestic to destroy our constitutional right to live in a good established governmental free society. My oath was to be taken seriously, by my having a secret clearance especially, as I would become subject to be possibly compromised and possibly bribed; or later asked for doing favors to pay back the favor of getting the money from that government. Vice President Biden broke the law. That is what also needs to be also checked out and investigated. Investigate him about take any money over 25 dollars, as a gift by him or any one in his family. Was it ever reported if he took money. Has anyone ever charged the BIDEN FAMILY, All of them, about receiving money in doing business with our enemies abroad in China and accepting billions of dollars. The domestic society is destroying our democracy, yes the society that does not fact check what is really going on. All we are asking is to have a go to actually look and perform quality attrition and fault checks whether wrong or right. All of them. Look at all of the issues presented to the courts, and to the State Legislatures here in our country and follow our constitution. I am talking to you domestic people, we can not allow you or anyone to mess with the Election! and kill my vote by not addressing the complaints and actually checking them OUT! They attempted to present the cases to the courts. The courts know that it is up to the legislatures to set the rules on mail voting and to look for fraud. NO ONE DID THAT, EVEN AFTER THEY WERE TOLD ABOUT THE CASES AND AFFIDAVITS PRESENTED BY COUNTLESS OF POLL WORK WATCHERS AND OTHERS
    under oath stating they saw fraud that must be investigated. No one checked out any of the merits of the cases because they refused to even review any of the complaints; and we were not allowed to have of the fraud evidence presented. Some one has to do this. And the laws may now need to change to give us more time to secure a fair election if more time is needed. State Legislatures and attorney generals need to prosecute those that are breaking election laws at the State level. Have we come to the point in our lives that our constitution has been damaged and no one is doing anything about it? I then agree with a General ( I believe Flynn ) who stated that if the our US States in our Union can not protect our democracy and the constitution for us to have a fair election now, then the military may have to step in and protect us from the Foreign and Domestic evil ones that want to destroy our country in 2021.

  15. Joseph Patarino says:

    I guess this letter proves how deep the swamp & corruption goes in our country! So what they are saying to the 75+ million voters is to shut up sit down & accept the biggest fraud ever imposed on our nation! They & the military should agree to hold & oversee a in person with proven ID revote in all states that show obvious fraud! As well as confiscation of the machines in those states for audit! This should be agreed to by all citizens to prove beyond a doubt who the true winner was. Any citizen that does not agree is part of the problem! God bless America & hopefully we can survive this situation without another civil war because the 600K lost in the last civil war will pall compared to any new one caused by this situation!!

  16. ray says:

    The people Always Hold the God given right to abolish despotic government groups systems individuals. The peoplle have twice chosen Donald Trump as their President. Any effort by any to prevent the will of the people will be fought until victory just as we have done in the past.

  17. G says:

    Just demonstrates how deep corruption is in the United States and how MSM continues to wave the Biden flag and block evidence of voter fraud. The military will be called upon to deal with the radical left trying to promote socialism and communism when the truth is exposed. Rolling over and playing dead is not in our creed as true Americans.

  18. No disrespect, Our President Donald J Trump Is FOLLOWING Through With Wish We The American People Of The United States of America. We Demand That This Fraudulent Illegal Voting Election Fraud Issues Be Resolved. It Is Our Constitutional Rights That Are Being Followed And Our President Donald J Trump Trump Presidential Rights That Are Being Followed. Your Times Of Repersenting We The American People Are Over. We The American People Demand Resolve In This Utmost Issues

  19. Debbie says:

    I have never witnessed such open lawlessness among the military of this country who swore to protect this country from evil, foreign AND DOMESTIC! And now, they just let every American know that they refuse to protect us from either!!

  20. Stephanie Gregory says:

    There is overwhelming evidence of fraud in this election! If there was no fraud then Joe Biden should be on board with every investigation! Good to know who the enemies of the Constitution are!

  21. Ann says:

    Their statement will only cause a Civil War in our Country. I have always had nothing but respect for our Military but right now l can not say the same for our Military Leaders. Since when do they allow themselves to be lead around by these people that are clearly treasonous to China. How much more evidence do they want when they are knocking on their door. I am ashamed of each man on this list that has no backbone to stand up for our Nation.. God help us All. President Trump is our only hope idiots support him and our Country.

  22. Peter D. Jones says:

    It would have been better for these Former Defense Secretaries to let the American people think they’re fools, then to open their mouths, or in this case write a letter, and remove all doubt!

  23. Angelique Boham says:

    former defense secretaries, there is fraud to be seen and heard so deep in this elections, you all must be blind or paid off to accept this election as is. when suitcase of ballots are pulled out from under tables and dead people vote plus illegals, plus ballots are so new they have never been folded so they were not mailed and do not have a valid post mark on them and funny the only vote on them is for president no one else, you try to tell us that this was not fraud, if you truly believe this all ten of you are traitors to America and the American voters. DO YOU REALLY THINK WE ARE THIS STUPID THAT WE CANNOT BELIEVE OUR OWN EYE’S!Please go away and leave the true president Trump alone, he does not need your stupid options, all you care about is sending our people to dumb wars we never win and our people come home damaged or maybe not at all , while you sit on your fat butts and make fortunes off these wars. All ten of you are the real losers, you sell yourself to the highest person whom will keep you in power and fill your pocket with money. TRUMP FIGHTS FOR THE REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE AND YOU CAN STAND SOMEONE THAT HAS THE INTEGRITY TO KEEP HIS PROMISE AND PUT AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST. You are sell outs to the highest offer, not real men !!! TRUMP WE LOVE YOU, please keep fighting, help us save America!!!!!!!

  24. Dora Moorhead says:

    I say that they have to be joking. Recounts done were a joke. To recount votes that were already manipulated is not a recount. Recounts is not what’s needed. A full investigation is required. This election was rigged and if accepted we will forever have to live with the results. Other countries who never do honest elections will be laughing at us if we ever again try to question them. I will never again be able to believe in our voting system. A constitution which has made us the greatest nation for over 200 years is being destroyed never to be respected again. This one document has made us the greatest Nation in the world and it being stolen from me my children my grandchildren etc.If not identified and fixed when it applies to our system of electing our governing members it will forever make us a weaker and less respected Nation.

    • R S says:

      I’m wondering who got to these people. So we are suppose to live in a country where we have 3rd world electins and do nothing about it?! There is Nothing but fraud and
      Cheating. People making their own laws and not living by the constitution. I’m not sure how these Generals got their jobs but there obviously could care less about the United States and more about their fear and cowardness. God help us.

  25. Roy says:

    I would suggest they send their opinions to the Democrats who are responsible for the situation we are facing at this time in our country. All of those who signed this letter are known Trump haters and have been against him since he was elected. They are part of the deep state and are just trying to get back what they lost over the last four years.

  26. Gary Chulack says:

    So much corruption now even in the military.
    So sad you blind fools the integrity of our voting system is at stake.
    So much fraud is undeniable if this is not corrected then our voting rights are gone and so is honest and fair election process.

  27. Roy A Marlin says:

    First of all.. Who gives a fuck what the ex asshole secretary of defense has to say.. He or they can all go fuck themselves.. Fucking traitors.. We will show America who is in charge here … It’s us .. The American people.!

  28. James Hagan says:

    Guess u all are just as corrupt and blind as democratic scammers and thrives.How much were you paid by american tax payer money to write such shit. I stand behind the president Joe Biden isn’t fit to run a dog kennel and I believe without a doubt the election was a crock of shit if there’s that many stupid people in this country then the U S is worse off than I thought.Let the evidence be brought to the American people and quit standing behind ur bullshit beaurocratic stories.Most of you all aren’t qualified to do nothing but line your pockets with the peoples money for doing nothing but sqaudleing about like little children fighting over a sucker.Pathetic collaberated truth to cover your own asses.I hope Trump sinks all ur corrupt asses into the sink hole where you belong.You work for the American people not for your own interests.I think alot of you forgot that as it’s shown in every aspect of government go write your bullshit elsewhere and stop trying to persuade your agenda into people that have more brains than your asses. Suit and tie corrupt bitches.

  29. Cheryl Atwan says:

    There was fraud in this election which has been proven. We must stand for honesty in elections or we have no democracy. Shame on these military people. I stand with President Trump and know he won.Biden will never be president. Keep fighting for truth.

    • Phyllis Myers says:

      I believe that there was impropriety in this election. We cannot stand on what this letter is saying to Americans.Things change, situations arise that must be dealt with justly. Just because it has always been done this way doesn’t cut it. It seems that Congress continues to change ways that things have always been done on a continual basis.

    • Catherine says:

      The military is not supposed to get involved? Isn’t that what they are trying to say? Just who is the Commander in Chief? President Trump is the Commander in chief, or have you jerks forgotten it . How dare they send such a letter to the man and the people of America they have sworn to protect with their lives! that includes Domestic traitors I believe so if they are traitor then maybe the Americans must protect themselves from them since we can’t trust them?!!

  30. david says:

    Cowards willing to give the constitution to china so there will no longer be a constitution and they will not have to follow any rules.

  31. Jeffrey Carlson says:

    All 10 of those FOOLS so quickly forget the 4 year transition of the Obimbo administration that did soooo much to help Trump.They have NO concept of reality, as they live in their own conspiratorial fictional lands of make believe between La La Land and the Hunger Games. Somewhere within the World of Disney , the Land of OZ , or Alice’s Wonderland. God save USA , TRUMP , & all of us !!!

  32. Allen Hammerquist says:

    Once again, they decided to censor “ME”
    What am I suppose to

  33. Sue says:

    Nothing has really been investigated as needs to be, and these 10 saying otherwise does not change facts. We are facing the most serious time in our Nation

  34. Allen Hammerquist says:

    With “ALL DUE RESPECT” I took an oath against all foreign and domestic enemies
    So… ALL of you are wrong. This is not over. This past election is full of fraud and corruption. Anyone who cannot see that is lying to themselves. I am a PROUD VIETNAM VETERAN. So I must proudly say “FUCK YOU ALL”!!!

  35. bruce says:

    “Our elections have occurred. Recounts and audits have been conducted. Appropriate challenges have been addressed by the courts. Governors have certified the results. And the electoral college has voted. The time for questioning the results has passed”

    This is incorrect. States legislatures are in charge of election results, not courts. There has been no real investigation into anything. The states in question have sent 2 sets of electors because of voting irregularities and flat out fraud that is overwhelming. Justice and fairness have no time limits. It is constitutional and right for the American people take what action they may to set things right. Placing some time limit on freedom and fair elections is false on the face of it.
    That is not what the founding fathers wanted nor US citizens.

    • David says:

      I totally agree with what you say Bruce, and I know millions of others
      Do as well. You ten secretaries served your time in office without the vile Liberalism that we have currently endured the past four years, so please don’t try to encourage them with your unprecedented letter of unconcern for “WE THE PEOPLE”

  36. Jeanne says:

    We can not let illegal elections stand. Where is your moral compass and backbone?

  37. Velma says:

    Gee why wasn’t this published when Trump was transitioning in after Obama?? Did they all do everything in their power to have smooth sailing for Trump?? That’s laughable EVIL DOES NOT PREVAIL

  38. Mark says:

    It is good to know who the enemies of the American people are.

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