‘Five-Alarm Fire For The Democratic Party’

Nancy Pelosi

(DCWatchdog.com) – If the November congressional elections turn out as most all of the pollsters and analysts now predict, it will be recorded as one of the greatest defeats for a political party – in this case, the Democratic Party – in the history of modern American politics.

As the Daily Caller notes:

“New polling suggests President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have lost voters’ trust on important issues heading into the 2022 midterms, where the Republican Party is expected to pick up key seats.

“…57% of voters said they disapproved of his job performance amid inflation and high gas prices, according to new Wall Street Journal polling released Friday.”

How bad is it? Even pro-Democrat strategists know the Democrats are in a world of hurt.

“Democratic strategist John Anzalone, the founder of Impact Research, said the results should worry Democrats going into the 2022 midterms, and that Americans are signaling that they are not buying Democrats’ messaging on important issues. ‘The mood of the country hasn’t gotten any better since the last poll. In fact, it’s gotten a little worse,’ Anzalone warned the WSJ.”

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