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First the Coronavirus Jab, Now This?

( – Unquestionably, the controversies that have surrounded the COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic and the vaccines created to combat the virus will go down as the most significant medical and political controversies of the early 21st century. Even during the two world wars of the 20th century, there weren’t as many protests and demonstrations against governments around the world as there have been for more than a year now.

Those protests started as anger against government-mandated restrictions like police enforced lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing orders that varied from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. But, those early protests were mild compared to what has taken place since the development and distribution of the vaccines created to provide some level of protection against COVID-19.

In recent weeks, as school children have been ordered back to classrooms instead of remote learning in their homes, and as many schools began mandating that children as young as 12 (soon to be five?) be vaccinated, the anger expressed by some parents during school board meetings has risen to a level that some local and state government officials want the Biden administration to treat those parents as “domestic terrorists.”

Clearly, at no time in American or world history have vaccines caused more upheaval and controversy among the public. And now there is evidence that the anger on the part of some toward the coronavirus vaccine is bleeding over to other vaccines like measles, chickenpox, and hepatitis. The latest example is the vaccine for flu. Today, health experts across the United States report that approximately 44% of Americans say they will most likely not get vaccinated against the flu. This news comes as public health officials report that they expect a “surge” in flu cases this fall and winter.


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