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Expert: ‘Something Very Strange’ Happened During Election

Democracy Institute Director Patrick Basham appeared on Fox News over the weekend with a series of “statistically implausible” events regarding presumptive-president-elect Joseph R. Biden’s election performance,” according to The Washington Times.

The pollster told “Live, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin that “something very strange” happened during the 2020 presidential election, given his deep dive into the numbers.

“‘Everything suddenly went very strange in the middle of the night,’ Mr. Basham said regarding President Trump‘s performance, which up until then was tracking with ‘a dozen or more of these [non-polling] metrics … [that] have a 100% accuracy rate in terms of predicting the winner of the presidential election.’

‘Mr. Basham noted, for instance, that Mr. Biden under-performed in most of the country while simultaneously over-performing in key counties of swing states that he needed to win.

“‘That could happen,’ the pollster said. ‘It’s just very, very unusual. And if this was an exceptional election as some people assert, and that’s why the numbers seem strange, then you would expect it to be — [to] have uniformity to that exceptionalism. So Joe Biden would have increased his support not just in key precincts in key cities in key swing states and nowhere else, but he would have had a sort of uniform victory. He was the challenger. … And yet, he has done very poorly in most of the country except where it absolutely mattered.'”

For more, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is implausible and suspicious?


  1. Treu66 says:

    Trump won this election hands down period. There is no way Biden and his bimbo could have ever gotten 80 million votes when he couldn’t even make it through a sentence without screwing up and she couldn’t quit laughing every time she lied. I do believe most people are smarter than that and for those who did vote for that ticket if they do get in just watch the liberties and all that fun stuff that you enjoy now slowly slip away cause that’s what SOCIALISM is all about GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

  2. Randall Wilson says:

    Yes its fishy, Trump was winning night of election by 100s of thousand votes, then all of a sudden overnight Biden was leading. The whole Election in them certain states somehow got all them votes. Its bull crap.

  3. Disgusted says:

    Stephen Cohen,
    I think that you need to see a Psychiatrist. Everything you said is off the wall NUTS. I don’t need to pick it apart because your words are all cold stone crazy.

  4. Robera says:

    I agree. The whole Democratic party seems to think alike. I am wondering about some of the Republicans too. Why cant they all get United and help President Trump blow this fraud wide open? He stood beside you when you needed him
    Now you just throw him aside when he is asking for all of us to help keep America free. Is Ted Cruze the only one who will stand up and try? Are you being bought off? Are you being BLACKMAILED? Are you really Democrats who are trying to ruin America? You work for us–we pay your salary—you OWE us the truth. And you owe Presdent Trump your loyalty. You should all be ashamed for being such cowards. I hope our president does stay in office. If not I hope he runs again in 2024. So,Americans let’s “EVEN THE SCORE IN 24″and “HEAR HIM ROAR IN 24” because we who believe already know “YOU CANT KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN”

    • Doug says:

      I think you do not understand the gravity of this situation, even if he prevailed, comrade biden would not be POTUS, comrade harris would, with marionette strings attached, pulled by communist China, comrade pelosi will change the election laws in America so fast that comrade pelosi’s dentures will fly out, comrade harris will sign it into law of course, with the cheers of a lot of governors, so in 2022, their would be a shortage of republican Senators so in 2024 and all others in the ‘China Republic of Amerika would be a sham, stop dreaming !!!

    • trisha Sours says:

      well said!! and as we already know over half of this country feels exactly that same way!!!

  5. Stephen Cohen says:

    There are several reasons why Biden won the election.

    First reason was the Democrats mostly did mail in votes and these votes were counted last by most of the States. Whereas the TRUMP supporters voted in person and their votes were counted first.

    Second reason without a doubt was the Coronavirus. Trump lost a lot of his supporters to the Coronavirus. Many of his supporters lost love ones. When you lost someone you loved that believed in not wearing a mask based upon what TRUMP was telling everyone consequently, these people changed their minds and voted for Biden.

    Third reason was TRUMP’s based was never by itself enough to win the election. At best is was around 45% of the vote. Trump needed the help of some Democrats and the Independents which he did not have.

    Fourth reason, Almost every word that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie. Many ex supporters just got tired of listing to his lies.

    Fifth reason was many Republicans like myself felt anyone was better than TRUMP. Even Donald Duck! Trump was never a Republican and he never believed in the Lincoln Party or what our party values.

    • Doug says:

      you’re a liar and a BSer and you’re no more a republican than biden is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Phyllis says:

      You’re a dumb Democrat. Hi crawl in a hole

    • Alan Womack says:

      You have been following FAKE NEWS for far too long !

    • trisha Sours says:

      Nice theory but here’s where it falls apart.. The ones that “your theory” feels he lost to the virus, he gained in the votes from minorities that realize Democrats have only used them for their vote and voted Republican this time around. The fact that you have fallen for the media programming that has taken place in order to create a negative image of Trump is the sole reason you feel as if he is a liar but in reality does not change the fact that you were being lied to and that Trump is actually the one fighting for the truth!

    • Gary says:

      I am not sure what you are smoking but, the last 7 elections we used dominion equipment that is corrupt. The servers in Germany showed the real numbers.
      Trump 410 electoral votes Biden 128.
      The democratic party always cheats and always will. The time is now to stop the cheating. Thousands of poll workers have signed statements about voter fraud. Whake up and smell the truth and stop watching the fake news. Are you happy

  6. Norm says:

    Biden and Harris are 2 illiterates,all democrats know how to do is CHEAT

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