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Exhibit #1 of Media Bias

Let’s be honest, only dishonest people claim there’s no such thing as media bias in the United States. And, Exhibit #1 is SNL – Saturday Night Live.

It has now been a full month since Joe Biden became president, yet late-night sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live has still not aired a single skit about him or his administration,” according to Breitbart.

SNL, known for decades as a show that skewers America’s highest elected officials, noticeably ignored Biden’s inauguration in the episode written and performed the same week. In the three weeks since that puzzling omission, “Joe Biden” has not appeared as a character on the show — only receiving a few mentions on its “Weekend Update” news segment. [emphasis added]

“This weekend, SNL skewered Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in its opening skit and a “Weekend Update” segment but, in contrast, made no mention of President Biden’s town hall with CNN, where he delivered gaffes, falsehoods, and downright cringey lines…

“While ignoring Biden completely, the show penned a joke a “Weekend Update” accusing Israel of denying coronavirus vaccines to non-Jews. Performer Michael Che has come under fire for spreading the “antisemitic” falsehood.”

For more, go to Breitbart.

Share your opinion about Saturday Night Live and media bias in the comment section. Is SNL biased against conservatives? Biased against Donald Trump? Do you watch SNL?


  1. michael perkins says:

    SNL quit being funny long ago.dont watch anymore.

  2. Gregger says:

    SNL has not been funny for many years! Not worth staying up for or even recording.

  3. Dale Doman says:

    About SNL, I stopped watching that cess pool years ago!Way too much hate speech, politically motivated underhanded attacks and slanderous “skits” all coming from the left.Once upon a time they were funny, brutal but funny. Now they fear their own and the cancel culture they and others like them have created their own problems.

  4. Debra Reed says:

    SNL was not one bit funny! They make jokes about people in Texas who are trying to stay alive and they are not gonna make fun of Biden but they sure had a good ole time with President Trump . I hate the show because they are not funny when it comes to making fun of people that are struggling to stay alive! To me this is not funny at all but to each his own

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