Even Dems Believe THIS About Illegals

Illegal Aliens

(DCWatchdog.com) – To show how perilous the issue of illegal immigration is for the Democrats in the upcoming congressional midterm elections, not only do a majority of “likely voters” support the distribution of illegal aliens to liberal, sanctuary jurisdictions around the United States, even a majority of Democrats support that policy currently being enacted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

As National Review notes in “Majority of Likely Voters Support Migrant Busing: Poll“:

“A majority of likely U.S. voters believe that ‘sanctuary cities’ should have to share the border states’ burden of dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants, according to a new CRC Research poll conducted for the 85 Fund.

“The poll, obtained exclusively by National Review, asked: ‘In order to manage the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border, the state of Texas has sent buses of immigrants to other states and sanctuary cities including Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC. Do you agree or disagree that sanctuary cities should have to share the burden of dealing with these illegals and not just the border states?‘”

The response?

Sixty-three percent of likely voters agreed that sanctuary cities should have to share the burden, including 38 percent who strongly agreed and 25 percent who somewhat agreed. Almost 25 percent disagreed, including 14.5 percent who strongly disagreed and 10.3 percent who somewhat disagreed.” [emphasis added]

But the real kicker is that 51 percent of Democrats agreed, including 49 percent of self-described liberals.

Clearly, illegal immigration remains a hot-button issue going into the November elections, and even most Democrats side with DeSantis and Abbott when it comes to transporting illegals to sanctuary cities across the United States so they can share in the burden of dealing with the millions of illegals swamping the southern border.

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