Elon Musk Slams Biden Brutally

Elon Musk

(DCWatchdog.com) – Count Elon Musk among the growing number of Americans who have become dismayed at the job performance of President Joe Biden.

Given the language Musk used to describe Biden, “dismayed” may be far too kind as an adjective to describe just how brutally Musk slammed Biden in a recent interview.

As CNBC recounts, Musk didn’t pull his punches while talking about Biden.

“‘It’s hard to tell what Biden is doing to be totally frank,’ Musk said on a podcast recorded Monday evening during the All-In Summit with Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks and David Friedberg.

“‘The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter. The path to power is the path to the teleprompter. I do feel like if somebody were to accidentally lean on the teleprompter, it’s going to be like ‘Anchorman,’’ Musk added, referring to the 2004 film about a news anchor who will read anything written on the teleprompter even if it ruins his career.” [emphasis added]

And Musk wasn’t done blasting Biden.

This administration, it doesn’t seem to get a lot done,” Musk added. “The Trump administration, leaving Trump aside, there were a lot of people in the administration who were effective at getting things done. This administration seems to not have the drive to just get s— done. That’s my impression.” [emphasis added]

The White House did not respond when asked to comment on Musk’s attack on Biden.

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