Elizabeth Warren Attacks Conservative Billionaire

(DCWatchdog.com) – A long-simmering conflict between billionaire Elon Musk and far-left US Senator Elizabeth Warren has heated up after Warren officially urged the US Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate Musk’s company, Tesla.

Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, has sent the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Gary Gensler a nine-page letter calling for a probe into Tesla and its board of directors, CNBC reported after obtaining a copy of the letter.

The Democrat lawmaker justifies her call with suspicions of “conflicts of interest, misappropriation of corporate assets, and other negative impacts to Tesla shareholders” connected with CEO Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last year.

“[The Tesla board’s] apparent lack of independence [from Musk, combined with] inaction and incomplete disclosures, raise questions about possible violations of securities laws and exchange rules which fall under SEC’s jurisdiction,” Warren wrote.

The radical leftist Democrat has attacked Elon Musk’s businesses before, prompting him to describe her at one point as “Senator Karen.”

Musk’s takeover of Twitter has enraged leftists because of his steps to dismantle pro-Democrat censorship on the social media platform, which had stifled conservative voices for years.

According to pro-left news outlet CNBC, Warren’s letter to the SEC restates her concerns about Tesla and Musk’s acquisition of Twitter from her December 2022 message to Tesla Chair Robyn Denholm.

It notes that Musk’s $44 billion buyout of Twitter featured $13 billion in debt, with the billionaire allegedly also raising billions of dollars by selling Tesla shares to fund the deal.

The report also points out that Musk has axed three-fourths of Twitter’s staff and has used teams from his other companies, Tesla and SpaceX, to help him with the social media platform.

According to Warren’s letter to the SEC, his shifting of Tesla staffers to Twitter may have resulted in “possible violations of state and federal labor law.”

The Democrat senator also argued that Tesla’s board of directions failed to tell the company shareholders that the two businesses “have worked together, or may work together.”