Elections Challenged – The Outrage Is Real

(DCWatchdog.com) – The general elections this fall are facing a huge challenge, as Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) filed a lawsuit against the city of Burlington, Vermont, for allowing non-citizens to vote in its elections.

RITE claimed Burlington violated the Vermont State Constitution by letting non-citizens vote in local city or Burlington School District elections.

The lawsuit argued this move breaches “voter’s qualifications” outlined in the state constitution.

RITE’s President Derek Lyons said in a press release, “Activists are working overtime to undermine democracy in Vermont by extending the right to vote to noncitizens. This anti-democratic agenda is progressing at an alarming pace.”

The city’s annual education budget is funded through the State Education Fund, managed by the Board of School Commissioners.

By allowing non-citizens to vote for School Commissioners, they now “have the power to affect financial decisions that have implications for all Vermont taxpayers,” RITE claimed.

“Permitting noncitizens to vote on these issues violates the Vermont Constitution,” the lawsuit declared.

In November 2018, Montpelier approved a similar provision for non-citizens to vote in certain local elections.

Subsequently, in November 2020, Winooski allowed non-citizens to vote in all city elections.

Moreover, the Vermont General Assembly approved the Montpelier and Winooski amendments in May 2021, but Republican Governor Phil Scott vetoed them in June. Later that month, the General Assembly overrode those vetoes, finalizing the amendments.

“The non-citizen voting movement achieves the left’s goal of legalizing foreign interference in American elections,” Lyons remarked in the press release.

“It threatens the rule of law and must be stopped before it further infects Vermont and other states in this country,” he added.

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