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Don Jr.: Trump Is the ‘Future of the Republican Party’

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son proclaimed on Thursday that his father continues to be the future of the Republican Party,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“‘If you’re reading the room and you’re intelligent, you realize that Donald Trump is still the future of the Republican Party,’ Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News’s Sean Hannity. [emphasis added]

Trump explained that Republicans who follow the 45th president are ‘following an America First agenda’ to ‘fight for the hardworking men and women.’

“He also made the case that it’s a “good” thing that many Republicans have broken from the former president over the past several weeks.

“‘The Republican Party isn’t going to be bound to those corporate interests anymore,’ he said. ‘So I love that they are making that link and breaking it because we need more of that, and we need candidates and people who will go to bat, who will go to war and fight for the American working class and make sure we put them first.’” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to the Washington Examiner.

Share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe former President Donald Trump is the future of the Republican Party? Why or why not?


  1. Ismail Lopez says:

    That’s right!!!! I’ always knew it!!! He is absolutely right!! President Trump was and is!!! the leader of the Republican party and the Republican party or the NRC was the strongest has ever been when he was the president, he implemented new standards, characters and traits of leadership that these people his colleagues don’t even follow that’s why i’ can not trust them like Steve Scalise, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney and the rest of the rinos who stabbed him in the back by betraying him and violating their own oath they swore, but i’m very confident that he’s nottt!!! gonna tolerate this kind of insubordination!! If he ever come back which he think he will, because basically that was the reason the presidency was given to Joe Biden why??? Because a these Republicans his own colleagues betrayed him by agreeing and siding with the democrats demonrats, if they just would stand by him like they should had but they didn’t!!! Do their Constitutional duty but they didn’t!!! Do their job!! But they didn’t!! Do their Constitutional obligation! But they didn’t!!! Do their part!! But they didn’t!!! Like Senator Ted Cruz did!!! (I’m so proud of him) i’ know the outcome would been what it’s best for America and for all of us!! All we wanted was four more years so he would finish completely what he started all his accomplishments but no it didn’t the outcome didn’t turn out that way as we expected it!! Now like he said the other day at the cpac convention… we knew it was gonna be bad but no one ever imagined that it was going to be this bad, now j’ knew that it was going to be third term of the Obama administration but i’ don’t think!!! That even president Obama in his right mind!!! Would destroyed and undone all the great accomplishments president Trump accomplished so bitterly even with the destructive obstruction from the democrats Nancg Pelosi Chuck Schumer, but now we have to fight!! To retake our country backk!!!

  2. G says:

    On what planet do people think Biden is the President and our military is following his orders? About every constitutional law has been broken, our judicial system has failed to engage, and members in law enforcement and the media have been compromised or paid off. The charade will soon come to an end. You don’t turn your head on violations to election laws and domestic/foreign interference and then once exposed you try, convict and jail or execute those found guilty of treason. People maybe woke but must be intellectually challenged to think Biden is in charge or won the election.

  3. Charles A Kerss says:

    Every post above must have penned by comatose idiots. Left up to people like all of you, the Chinese will have little resistance when they make their play to dominate this country and ultimately the world. You had better wake up, help us dismantle the Swamp, D.C. as it is better known as, and return this country to the country the founders intended. Perhaps, you want to be told when and how to wipe your asses, when to eat, what to eat, and ordered to stay home, hunkered down like sheep. Donald Trump is and will be the only thing standing in their way. Why don’t all of you love this country. You liberal socialist/ communist sympathizers.

  4. Mary says:

    Where does that snot nosed Trump Jr. get off making a asinine comment like that. Daddy must have told him to say that, cuz he isn’t smart enough to come up with it himself. No TRUMP ever in the White House again. They are TROUBLE!!!

  5. Holly Rose says:

    trump is not the future nor are any member of his family. republicans might need a Democrat to take over. Couple good choices that I would like to see lead would be Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney or Lindsay Graham. Either one would do a good job. trump, never again.

  6. C Murdock says:

    If you have to be intelligent to realize Trump is the Republican future, how does Don Jr. know it? Trump is the very worst president this country has EVER seen. May there never be another like him! I hope both Trump’s futures are a long time in jail. They earned it.

    • Tangerina says:

      Sir, you are a MORON or may be a CCP Minion

      • Robert says:


        Yes the opinion above yours is a glaring example of idiocy as the Trump hating creatures continue to ramble on.

        Biden has eliminated thousands of jobs and drove gas up .80cents a gallon in the last month.

        So let those oblivious morons wonder around in dire need of a cranial dislodgement as they ignore the painful state of reality when these socialist control freaks stomp all over this country and our rights

        Trump stands up to the socialists, and damn right, America first, I pity all of those arrogant fools that think America is supposed to support the world.

        For all if those idiots who think socialists are going to lead you down that garden path, just try living in China, Russia or India for a few years and come and offer your perspective then.

        I was in the Navy and saw enough of the world that I know capitalism works if you have intelligence and motivation.

        There is nothing of any intelligence that you Biden loving freaks can offer in terms of rational defense of idiots like Cheney or Romney.

        Cheney is out of touch with 70% percent of the people in Wyoming and Romney is just a sore loser.