DOJ Indicts Biden Family Whistleblower?!

( – The Biden Justice Department has indicted a missing American-Israeli whistleblower who claims to have evidence of the Biden family’s wrongdoing involving now-defunct Chinese corporation CEFC Energy Co., raising questions about whether Biden’s DOJ is interfering in a congressional investigation.

The indicted whistleblower is 57-year-old Gal Luft, originally from Israel. He alleges that in March 2019, at a meeting in Brussels, Belgium, he gave the FBI and the US Justice Department evidence about the Biden family’s involvement in illegal affairs with CEFC China Energy Co.

The DOJ has now charged Luft “with conspiring to sell Chinese weapons to the UAE, Kenya, and Libya, violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), and making a false statement.”

The whistleblower’s alleged FARA violation is that he failed to register as a foreign agent precisely of CEFC China Energy Co., the same company Hunter Biden did business with.

Luft was arrested in Cyprus in February on an Interpol warrant for weapons trafficking, but after posting bail, he fled the country and went into hiding.

“GAL LUFT, the defendant… willfully and knowingly did combine, conspire, confederate, and agree together and with each other to commit an offense against the United States, to wit, to knowingly and willfully act as an agent of a foreign principal, namely, CEFC, CEFC China, and CC-1, without registering with the Attorney General, in violation of FARA…,” reads the DOJ indictment filed on Monday.

According to leaks from Hunter Biden’s lost “laptop from hell” and US government documents, Hunter Biden collaborated extensively with CEFC, which was declared bankrupt in 2020.

Thus, CEFC chairman Ye Jianming paid Hunter Biden a $1 million legal services retainer in 2017 and gave him a diamond worth $80,000, Breitbart News points out in a report.

According to Suspicious Activity Reports exposed by House Republicans, Hunter Biden’s business partner, Rob Walker, got a $3 million wire transfer from CEFC that same year.

Part of the sum – $1.3 million – was apportioned among four Biden family members – Hunter, Joe Biden’s brother James and Beau Biden’s widow Hallie, plus an unidentified fourth “Biden.”

Besides that, the Biden family also got $5.1 million via several accounts after Hunter Biden sent WhatsApp texts to a CEFC associate and Chinese Communist Party operative.