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Does Hillary Want Cuomo’s Job?

Political commentators on both the left and right are wondering if Hillary Clinton wants to see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo booted from office so that she can take his place. Just moments ago, she released a statement that makes it seem that may be the case.

See what Hillary just said, according to the Breaking 911 tweets below, and share your opinion in the comment section. Do you think Hillary Clinton wants to see Andrew Cuomo removed from office so that she can become Governor of New York?


  1. G says:

    Pot calling the kettle black. What goes around comes around and there are so many in politics compromised they stay silent as long as possible because there are many with skeletons in there closet, including the Clinton’s.

  2. Craig says:

    Did big Hill forget about the dress & all the soiled panties in her and Bill’s closet?! Sick power hungry people who want every drop of it all till the day they die!! Clinton’s, McConnell’s, Pelosi some of the biggest slimy corrupt people on the planet… and YOU STUPID PEOPLE keep electing them term after term after term. Term limits people… it’s our country not the twisted political scumbag who you elected!!! When the day comes for the people to rise up for real… the national guard and a perimeter fence won’t keep the mass out!!! If all the people on 1-6-21 were really angry and had guns!!! We wouldn’t be listening to the stumbling bumbling idiot we have as our president rite now. Phuck you jo, next time you fall down naked chasing your dog around…. break something worth breaking!!! Can you smell that COKE in the air HUNTER?! The lo IQ guy in the family is a carrier politician who rises to the highest power in the land… the high IQ son get kicked out of the US NAVY 4 smoking CRACK and can’t find his way on his own. Don’t worry ol CORNPOP has connections… get you on a corrupt company’s board of executive’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars and the rest is history. Our corrupt US history… you can’t make this shit up. They fly to CHICOM poor… and leave with diamonds, gold, drugs and anything thing els a thieves heart desires!!! CHINA WEST is what we’ve become. You people wanted it… now you got it. Shut the phuck up and deal with it!!! Hey unaccompanied illegal kids, Biden has your cages cleaned and ready for packing you in like sardines WELCOME TO AMERICA!!! Don’t forget to get your Covid 19 shot before some American seniors can get one.

  3. American says:

    Trump would have kept his promise of putting her in jail, but, alas, the deep state kept him from his promise. We are lucky he is still alive cause we know what happens when you cross the Clintons. Ask the 50 + people that did just that. They are part of the Illuminati, connected to Soros. I believe they are involved in child sex trafficking to all the deep state sickos. You can’t imagine how many grown men love to smell diapers. Go figure

  4. Jeff says:

    If trump had done as promised, she would be in prison.

    • Treu Maretti says:

      He tried but Barr and others kept putting him off that was one of his top priorities in his 2nd term. Unfortunately we will have to wait and see what happens in the future. Hopefully all the swamp dwellers will get their just punishment that is deserved.

  5. Satita Beach says:

    Hillary, both Biden, Obama, Schumer and that other disgusting thing may one day have to brush the uranium off their lying
    Teeth and gums. For real Russia and Iran
    would as soon poison them as as they poison their own.. These warmongers hate America and all natural Americans.

  6. Carol Richardson says:

    Voting for Hillary – Switch up or a switch over

  7. Patricia says:

    Hillary supported that pig of a husband. Would you want that kind of a person to govern you?

  8. john says:

    if we ignore hilliary, perhaps she will be forgotten!

  9. Donna mcneill says:

    She is no good never has been. She needs to give it up. Will never get over she lost even with all the money she contributed to her win..she needs to be in hunter biden but wil never happen.

  10. Wyatt Earp says:

    Now we all know that she should be in prison! But corruption people don’t attack their own! But they do kill them! She knows! Her role in selling URANIUM TO RUSSIA AS SECRETARY OF THE STATE. CALLED FOR HER TO BE CHARGED WITH AIDING THE ENEMY! 14 AMENDMENT SECTION 3.

  11. Holly Rose says:

    Hillary would make an excellent NY governor.

  12. no. geek says:

    I think Hillary wants ANY position of POWER.

    • Shari says:

      So true. Hldabeast is roaming the streets, seeking who
      she may devour next. Just ask bill