Doctor at White House HOW MANY Times?! (Video)

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( – A brand-new public scandal involving President Joe Biden has erupted as his Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has declined to disclose details about newly revealed eight  visits of a Parkinson’s specialist to the White House.

See the video of Jean-Pierre’s refusal to reveal details in the tweet below!

On Monday, Jean-Pierre cited “security reasons” despite the availability of public visitor logs, The New York Post reports.

In a series of tense interactions during her routine press briefing, Jean-Pierre did not specify what these security concerns were related to Dr. Kevin Cannard’s frequent visits, and she accused journalists of “personal attacks” at one point.

“There are thousands of military personnel who come onto this White House, many of them get the care from the White House Medical Unit. And so we need to be super careful,” she stated.

Jean-Pierre explained that the White House Medical Unit regularly accommodates a variety of specialists, including dermatologists and neurologists, which prevents her from discussing individuals due to privacy and security concerns.

The White House includes a small medical facility within the residence where President Biden is often treated, and a larger medical office is located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, a part of the White House complex.

This arrangement might explain Jean-Pierre’s reference to “thousands” of military personnel receiving medical services there.

Dr. Cannard’s visits, which included a notable January meeting with the President’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, were first brought to public attention by The Post following President Biden’s perplexing performance during the June 27 debate.

Subsequent to a physical exam in February, the White House confirmed that President Biden does not suffer from Parkinson’s.

During the briefing, Jean-Pierre noted that President Biden has been evaluated by a neurologist three times during his tenure, coinciding with his annual physical exams.

However, she deliberately avoided confirming whether Dr. Cannard’s visits were related to consultations on the President’s health.

Ed O’Keefe from CBS News highlighted that the details of these visits were accessible in the public White House visitor logs.

“They’re in the White House visitor logs. It’s public! I looked it up before I came out here. It is right there for anyone to see,” Jean-Pierre responded.

Yet, she persisted, “I cannot from here confirm any of that because we have to keep their privacy. I think they would appreciate that too.”

O’Keefe further inquired, “The patient or the doctor?” to which Jean-Pierre reiterated the necessity of maintaining privacy, again without specifying.\

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