DeSantis Gets Support From Big Name Republican

Ron DeSantis

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Ken Cuccinelli, a popular, high-profile Republican and former Trump administration official, has launched a new political action committee to support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s widely anticipated run for the White House.

“With the launch of Never Back Down PAC, a name that captures the Florida governor’s indefatigable character, we are asking Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., to launch a campaign for the White House,” Cuccinelli declared.

“We feel if he runs, he’ll win,” the GOP politician wrote in an op-ed for Newsmax.

Ken Cuccinelli served as acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security in the Trump administration from 2019-2021. He was also Virginia’s attorney general from 2010-2014.

In his article, the founder of Never Back Down PAC argued that Ron DeSantis was the right person to get America back on track as he would restore “freedom and prosperity” at home and provide “strong leadership in an uncertain world.”

Cuccinelli revealed that in the past seven months, he received extensive positive feedback about DeSantis nationwide from voters and grassroots conservative activists.

“The energy is undeniable. Grassroots conservatives see the governor as a leader, a fighter, and someone who can carry the Republican Party to victory,” the former Trump official wrote.

“In the months to come, that energy and enthusiasm will help build an unmatched grassroots political army to support DeSantis all the way to the White House,” he added.

Cuccinelli insisted that in Florida, the GOP governor has created “a model for the country.”

“President Biden represents the failed past. Ron DeSantis is showing us — in real time — what America’s future can, and will, look like,” he stated.

The former Virginia attorney general pointed out the Florida governor’s successes.

“DeSantis is a proven defender of our freedoms, our borders, our children, our businesses, and our rights as parents. He will defend America against adversaries — globally and domestically,” Cuccinelli argued.

He dwelled on how DeSantis stood up to the Marxist ideology and the corporate power of Disney, managing to beat back “woke oppression.”

The founder of Never Back Down PAC also lauded DeSantis’s economic accomplishments and his support for law enforcement that has rid Florida of “soft-on-crime” policies and led numerous police officers to relocate to his state.

“Florida’s 46th governor never backs down. He has made life better for millions of Americans on issue after issue; whether they have lived in Florida or moved there to find a better life,” Cuccinelli wrote.

“All elections are about the future; no election is about the past. Now is the time for proven, fresh, conservative leadership in Washington,” he concluded his article urging for a DeSantis candidacy for the White House in 2024.