Dems Crushing GOP!?

( – To the surprise of many, the Democratic Party is crushing the GOP decisively in small-dollar fundraising, with three times as many donors and billions more raised since 2020.

Democrats have “dominated” small-money donations since 2020 – even though former President Donald Trump revolutionized those in the 2016 campaign, Newsmax reports, quoting an NBC News poll.

The left now has over three times the number of unique donors the Republican Party has – and it has raised $2.5 billion more than the GOP in the past three years.

“It speaks to the new era we’re in where the small-money Democrats are just swamping the small-money Republicans,” Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, NBC’s GOP pollster, said in a statement.

The NBC News poll found that 30% of registered voters donated to a political campaign in the past two years.

However, 37% of registered Democrat voters donated to their party while only 26% of registered Republicans did the same, an 11-point difference in favor of the left, according to the survey.

The poll also found that 22% of Independent voters made political donations since 2021 – although their recipient parties were not specified.

The survey was carried out among 1,000 registered voters from June 16-20 by Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates.

Its overall margin of error is 3.1 percentage points. The margin of error for the 500 GOP primary voters stood at 4.38 percentage points.

Besides the poll results, the report also quotes data from the Federal Election Commission showing that the Democratic National Committee’s fundraising platform ActBlue received $6.5 billion from 2020-2022.

At the same time, the GOP’s WinRed platform managed to raise only $4 billion.

Democrats have had more than 7.4 million unique donors to ActBlue than Republicans’ 2.5 million individual donors to WinRed.

“We’re trying to narrow that gap. It’s a huge strategic imperative for the Republican Party,” Republican digital strategist Eric Wilson told NBC News.

“[Donors are] not only likely to donate to that campaign again, but they’re also likely to donate to other candidates. Just like we see with someone who votes regularly is likely going to vote again, someone who donates is likely going to donate again,” he emphasized.