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Democrats Voting To Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene

Breaking Right Now: Democrats just announced that a floor vote will be held Thursday to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her committee assignments after House Republicans refused to take action against the congresswoman as Democrats have been demanding.

“‘I spoke to Leader McCarthy this morning, and it is clear there is no alternative to holding a Floor vote on the resolution to remove Rep. Greene from her committee assignments,’ House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said in a statement.

This is a Breaking News Story and will be updated with the latest developments…

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Marjorie Taylor Greene should be removed from her committee assignments as the Democrats plan to do? Or, do you believe the Democrats are persecuting MTG?


  1. John Mathews says:

    Representative greene should not be removed. Half the Democrats should be removed for all the hypocrisy of the left. Swalwell sho be kicked out of our country for sleeping with a Chinese spy .Pelosi should be also kicked out for letting her favorite little boy stay on the intelligence committee. Neither have enough brains for that.

  2. Robert says:

    MTG certainly has guts, which scares the hell out of the democrats because she not only supports Donald Trump but expresses herself in a similarly direct manner as the former President.

    Hypocrisy is the number one precedent in the democrats playbook of pillage and plunder.

    Remember AOC accusing Senator Cruz of attempted murder and that the other insidious creature Maxine Waters inciting a riot by telling her sheeple to confront and instagate known Donald Trump supporters in public places.

    These twisted and pathetic excuses for human beings are delusionally obsessed with being in control and actually believe that only they have the right to their opinions and anyone who does not agree is too stupid and dangerous to be trusted with an independent belief.

  3. Dave says:

    She was hired by the people the dictator Democrats are scared because there’s enough evidence to impeach Biden and Harris

  4. randy holding says:

    anyone who speaks the truth will be demonized, dem playbook , rule no1

  5. Gail Harrison says:

    I listened to MGT on a talk show yesterday and was impressed with her straight forward views and desire to end DC corrupt politics. More power to her!!!

  6. TERRY HUDSON says:


  7. Pat Potts says:

    The Republicans should have told them that she goes only after Eric Swalwell.

  8. Lillie Allgaier says:

    If she is going to be ‘censored’ then AOC should be ‘censored’ as well! And prevented from being on committees and running her mouth on every tv station! A Democrat can accuse a senator of trying to murder her (clearly illegal AND untrue) and the journalists just keep on showing her. Being ‘pretty’ (sort of) is NOT a criterion for a newsworthy segment or post.

  9. Lillie Allgaier says:

    If she is going to be ‘censored’ then AOC should be ‘censored’ as well! And prevented from being on committees and running her mouth on every tv station! A Democrat can accused a senator of trying to murder her (clearly illegal AND untrue) and the journalists just keep on showing her. Being ‘pretty’ (sort of) is NOT a criterion for a newsworthy segment or post. Twitter is also complicit as they have not bothered to ‘censor’ AOC’s nonsense. Course – social media is still posting a ‘live murder’ (a journalist and camera man being shot onscreen and refused to take down child porn until the parents went to court and they were ordered to do it). The Democrats and big tech are on a power trip and are playing obvious games here. Why don’t they remove Kamala for her support of the ‘insurrections’ over the summer and games with Planned Parenthood …

  10. Jim says:

    After what the democrats have pulled over the last 4 yrs, they need to have republicans stand up and grow some backbone, Mitch might want to try and do the same also. Keep on “Trumpin” Marjorie👍👍👍.

  11. Connie Anne Glynn says:

    This is baloney at its finest. SICK SICK SICK of these crybaby liberals. Send them all back to their safe spaces.

  12. Virginia Healey says:

    Watch out Conservatives! Cancel culture is removing those voices that oppose the liberal viewpoint! What the Democrats are doing is discusting and opposite to our Democratic process! Hopefully people will wake up sooner, before it is too late.

  13. Sam Seccurra says:

    If this is because she set up impeachment proceedings for Biden it’s ridiculous. The Dumrats have no trouble going after Trump but we can’t go after them. It’s a farce

  14. nunya says:

    Greene should not be removed for saying what she believes!!

  15. David Musto says:

    No she should not be removed. I understand all parties need to work together. But for the Republicans to be bullied from the dems is insane. They are trying to run a dictatorship here. There is no equality here. They are one sided. The republican party needs to step up to the plate and not back down.

  16. Becky says:

    She has every right to bring impeachment against Biden he is guilty!!! She is also right to stand up for the party she represents don’t back down to the Dems sick and twisted ways .The Democrats are guilty as hell in everything they do I say tell them to go hell and keep doing and going forward with what she feels is right she’ll have plenty of support behind her

  17. Holly Rose says:

    Congress has some sense. Greene ought to be recalled for letting her constituents down. She is mouthy, rude, arrogant like trump, bombastic and bellicose which is unbecoming of a congressman. I am so glad that the Democrats gave her what she deserves. Amen, Awoman.

    • Mary Gaskill says:

      The first time I noticed Ms. Greene’s name was when she presented papers for Joe Biden’s impeachment. Have not seen that mentioned yet, but in my view that is the reason for all this upheaval. She has dared to rebel.


      Amen! You shit head!

    • marvin caddell says:

      You need to krawl back under you rock I A B !

    • David D'Anna says:

      DAMNED TROLL!! FUCK YOU!! She’s doing her job! just because you assclowns on the left don’t like her.You’re all up in her face!! If you’d only “unify” you wouldn’t get what’s REALLY coming for you! ..Let PEDO Joe and The WHORE ruin America!?? FUCK NO!! We’ve ONLY Just Begun to fight! His E Os DON’T MEAN SHIT to US!! Tell your Buddies TO USE them as SHIT PAPER,cause that’s ALL they’re GOOD FOR!!

    • LFB says:

      Words do matter because they reflect thoughts and beliefs. Anyone who believes that the school killings are faked that no plane flew into the Pentagon on 9 11, that Jews were responsible for the California fires and disregards the safety rules of the legislative body in which she serveshas no place making laws for the people of the United States.
      A cancer on the body politic not just on the Republican party.

  18. Betty says:

    We all know that if a democrat doesn’t get their way they spend wasted hours trying to get them to bow down to Queen Pelosi and the rest of the demented democrats. They find any excuse to waste tax payer dollars. They are taking away what voter elected her to do. Fight for the people. A dangerous game they can’t win. Where are the spinless republicans. Why aren’t they voting to remove The Squad who have condoned violence against conservatives and financed looters, murderers, arsonist and all manner of evil?

  19. Annette says:

    They the Republicans if they had a spine, Should remove Eric Swalwell. He had a Chinese spy as a girl friend and I am sure has all kinds of information about many sensitive issues. Swalwell should be charged with treason.

    • James B Jacobs says:

      Is there anyone in Congress that doesn’t need to be removed? I don’t think so. Especially the Democrats, like Schiff, Pelosi Shummer, Waters and the list goes on and on.

  20. Michael says:

    Is it me or this starting to look more like communism? They call for unity but what they really want it conformity without obstruction or question. Then if you don’t agree cancel ruin the future and destroy the individual. This has to stop but then again keep on keeping on it will just make it sweeter when we wipe the floor of idiots that can no longer put up with having a discussion, debate and arguments. It is not a one party system or country look at the splits on both houses of congress. I fear for the future of the country our kids have to grow up where you no longer have a voice only forced compliance & conformity.

  21. Lynda says:

    Leave this woman alone she is one of the few with courage. She has done nothing wrong. We are all suppost to think for ourselves not how democrats want. America needs her.

  22. Rosalia M Bernstein says:

    MTG needs to GO NOW! She is an INSANE LIAR and she insights untruths and she need to be removed. We DO NOT NEED any more Republican’s in office with sick minds and cause havoc in our country. We got rid of TRUMP!
    Let’s clean house!

    • A friend of AMERICA!! says:

      And you need to clean out your brain!!!-

    • David D'Anna says:

      You trolls on the left need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!! If anyone needs to replaced Its you useless CELLAR dwelling SLOBS that DON’T WANT to work for ANY REASON!! Free stuff for us Is all you think about!! When we Cut off your food and neccseties, You’ll see who’s REALLY in CHARGE! It sure isn’t Gonna Be PEDO JOE and HIs WHORE Cameltoe!

  23. Pam says:

    THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE!!!! You far left dems (also socialists)!are OUTSIDE YOUR HEADS! (aka CRAZY)!!!!!!

    • Rosalia M Bernstein says:

      I think you are confused! It is the GOP who are insane! History has the facts to uphold this statement! READ!!!!

      • Imre says:

        Rosalia, I don’t think you are confused… I KNOW you are a confused IDIOT who doesn’t know a thing about America’s government. Your real name must be Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the little 12 year old girl from NY who doesn’t know her butt from a hole in the ground. Even her parents can’t figure out how their “pumpkin” got elected. Her own parents didn’t vote for her. They know an IDIOT when they raise one.

      • David D'Anna says:

        Obviously, you have NO BRAIN CELLS!! Because your BRAIN is washed with BULLSHIT!! There are Traitors on BOTH SIDES of the AISLE!! You Just EXPOSE yourselves MORE!! ASSCLOWNS!! MTG has got something you DON’T HAVE!! GUTS!! TRAITORS!! Typical of LIBTURDS! The POT calling the Kettle BLACK!

      • Michael says:

        Rosalie, I must respectfully disagree with your statement about history.
        It is historical fact that our country experienced its greatest recent resurgence, lowest inflation, Interest & unemployment rates, most economic growth, national peace and world-wide respect under President Ronald Reagan. Even Democratic leaders of the time expressed their respect & admiration for him.
        JFK, considered by many to be the greatest modern Democratic presidents, held many views & implemented many policies that would more in line with current conservatives & constitutionalists [not necessarily Republicans], and which would be openly rejected by current Democrats.

  24. Bearpaw says:

    By the socialist party way of thinking if someone’s thoughts and beliefs don’t align with theirs then they are to be censored and discarded. All this complements of the misguided fools that helped vote in a pedophile dictator and his evil regime!

  25. Paul says:

    Another vote on nothing. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. You dirty demorats are going to get a real taste of your own medicine if you keep going through this removal of everyone that has different views than you sickos. You will all be removed from the house and the senate so just remember your days are numbered.

  26. Pam says:

    THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE!!!!!! You “far left liberal Dems” are OUTSIDE YOUR HEADS!!!! (aka frinkin’ CRAZY)

  27. bruce says:

    Here we go. Remove someone because they disagree with you. Its seems that’s the democratic way.

    • Dora J Abel says:

      What’s next, you wore the wrong color on the wrong day, or you didn’t bow down in awe when a Democrat entered the Chamber? Come on folks Discussions and Debates is how we grow and learn, Don’t throw her out just because she has different opinions then you do!

  28. Cheryl Atwan says:

    Leave Marjorie alone. Corrupt democrats are on committees and if they can stay on then Republicans can’t be removed from their committees just for telling the truth. Democrats can’t stand the truth and they are very afraid of Marjorie.

    • Geneva Wilcox says:

      How about removing Swawell from his committee for his relationship with a CHINA spy.

      • KBlack says:

        She shouldn’t be removed, there has to be a voice of reason, she seems to be it. The left wants ZERO opposition to their anti-American ideas.

  29. Michelle says:

    If MTG goes so should Eric Swallwell!! He was involved with a communist spy!!

  30. ee says:

    She should be left alone. The dems are just trying to punish her for bringing impeachment for biden……….the dems have too much power and biden should be impeached along with harris for the things they have said & done…………..

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