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Democrats Pushing Reparations for Black Americans

House Democrats pushed forward a reparations plan for Black Americans on Wednesday despite tepid support from President Biden and stiff opposition from Republicans,” according to the conservative Washington Times.

As a first step to making the country pay for past racism, Democrats want to establish a commission to examine slavery and discrimination dating back to 1619 and recommend appropriate remedies.

“Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who authored the reparations bill known as H.R. 40, said no level of opposition would discourage the quest.

“‘We believe in determination, and we believe in overcoming the many bad balls that we have been thrown; we’ve caught them, and we’ve kept on going. That is not the point of H.R. 40,’ the Texas Democrat said at a hearing on the bill. ‘Now more than ever, the facts and circumstances facing our nation demonstrate the importance of H.R. 40 and the necessity of placing our nation on the path to reparative justice.’

“The push for reparations, which could include financial compensation and education initiatives to make amends for past injustices to Black Americans, presents a major test for President Biden’s allegiance to racial-justice activists.

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Please share your opinion in the comment section. Should the United States pay reparations to Black Americans? Should Americans who had nothing to do with slavery or discrimination have to pay taxes that would fund reparations? Why or why not?