Democrats Fight With Each Other Over New GOP Plan

Nancy Pelosi

( – Democrat congressional leaders are criticizing Republicans who are said to be considering the imposition of term limits on committee leaders if the GOP gains control of the House after the upcoming November elections.

Some moderate Democrats are, however, saying that it would not necessarily be a bad idea.

This disagreement highlights a rift in the Democratic party, with newer lawmakers eager to rise through the ranks while older members are trying to keep their positions of power.

A Punchbowl News report noted that GOP leaders, who feel confident about potentially winning the House in November, are considering capping committee leadership posts at three terms.

Republicans have maintained a six-year limit for their members, but now they want to see the measure applied to House Democrats who don’t follow such limitations.

If this is implemented, many long-serving Democratic committee leaders, including Reps. Bennie Thompson (Miss.) of the Homeland Security panel; Adam Smith (Wash.) of Armed Services, Maxine Waters (Calif.) of Financial Services, Frank Pallone (N.J.) of Energy and Commerce, and Bobby Scott (Va.) of Education and Labor, would instantly need to be replaced.

“MTG and Gosar were kicked off their committees because Kevin McCarthy is too weak and feckless to do the job leaders are supposed to do when their Members do reprehensible things,” wrote a senior Democratic aide in an email. “Changing the entire seniority system for both caucuses is a vast overreach of a Majority’s power … like bringing a bazooka to a sword fight.”

Moderate Democrats, however, would welcome the change.

“High functioning organizations become so by building strong benches and limiting the tenure of leaders, usually ~10 years,” Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) tweeted on Monday. “No matter which party controls Congress in ‘23, we should adopt term limits for committee chairs & get serious about developing a new generation of leaders.”