Dem Senators Spending $1M On WHAT?

( – In a new case of stupefying outrage in which the left uses Americans’ money to push anti-American policy, two Democrat US senators have sponsored a budget provision providing $1 million for an LGBT center teaching “anti-capitalist” classes.

Pennsylvania Democratic Senators John Fetterman and Bob Casey have advocated for the allocation of funds in the next fiscal year’s budget for the transgenderism venue called the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia.

This funding, which is part of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s fiscal budget for 2024, is aimed at supporting the center’s renovations and expansions, according to a committee report, cited by The Daily Caller.

The William Way Center offers various services to the community, including peer counseling and resources for transgender individuals.

Additionally, the center plans to conduct a series of anti-capitalist financial workshops starting February 22, as stated on its website.

River Nice, founder of Be Intentional Financial, will lead the financial planning class.

Nice, an anti-capitalist financial planner, focuses on assisting queer individuals and families in using their finances to achieve their ideal lives, as per the center’s website.

This approach includes acknowledging the detriments of “white supremacist” and “patriarchal capitalism.”

Notably, Nice aims to help clients finance life goals, such as gender transitions.

The class, scheduled to run from February to July, will cover various topics.

These include “financial emergency preparedness,” managing debt, and addressing queer-specific financial challenges, like obtaining life insurance for transgender individuals.

Additionally, the course provides guidance on how to avoid investing in entities like private prisons and fossil fuels.

While the William Way Center earmark is pending approval, the Senate Appropriations Committee notes that similar projects received funding in the previous fiscal year.

For instance, the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center in New York was awarded $1,500,000, the American LGBTQ+ Museum partnered with the New York Historical Society received $3,000,000, and In Our Own Voices, Inc. obtained $750,000 for transitional housing for LGBT and gender non-conforming individuals.

“This goes beyond just a ribbon-cutting ceremony; this is ingratiating themselves with political and financial elites who are the big money donors — whether it’s personal campaigns or whether it’s PACs — which makes these earmarks so much more insidious than just, ‘Hey, the federal government is actively funding the left’s sexual ideology.’ These are practically in-kind donations to reelection campaigns,” explained David Ditch from the Heritage Foundation.