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DC Police Release Photos of Suspects From Capitol Attack

Police in Washington DC have released dozens of photos of President Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, causing widespread damage and sending the nation’s capital into lockdown,” according to the conservative New York Post.

“The DC Metropolitan Police Department posted the photos online late Thursday, with images that include a man identified by media as Jake Angeli, a 32-year QAnon loyalist known in right-wing circles as the “Q Shaman.”

“‘We still have a significant amount of work ahead of us to identify and hold each and every one of the violent mob accountable for their actions,’ DC Police Chief Robert Contee said at a briefing.”

Here is a link to the photos the DC Police have issued (PDF): PHOTOS

For more on this story, go to the New York Post.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe the individuals who entered the U.S. Capitol Building and/or the House and Senate Office Buildings should be criminally charged? Why or why not?


  1. Gail Weaver-Lambert says:

    Nikki Haley evidently plans to continue in politics . She speaks out to save her face in the political arena. All the yellow bellies are following suite.
    I have not heard President Trump tell anyone to break into the Capitol.
    The gathering of people gathered to show to the World there are thousands that support our President and believe the voting was rigged. Proof was presented but NO ONE had the nerve to address it.
    God knows. The Senate and House of Representatives have way too many crooks , and evil members. Power mongers, thieves, despicable humans are just a few words to describe them. President Trump has faults. He chose to Twitter to get the way it really happened as he knows the Media spins it the way they want to sound. Things are lining up just as Revelations reveals to Christians. I pray for God to reveal Himself to the minds of our Nation and guide the minds and Hearts of mankind. Don’t give over to Satan’s control. He’s working overtime!!

  2. Trash is where you find it. Uncontrolled people use any excuse to be seen and heard. Persons paid will do anything. Nancy Pelosi said the democrats would do anything to win. I believe that with the funding and encouragement of George Soros they did just that. Enough money will buy just about anyone off, especially in todays world. Politicians particularly. I trust moone.

  3. JJ Johnson-Smith says:

    NO CHARGES! We the People OWN that house and have a RIGHT to Redress of grievances. If we can’t get it , we have no option but to DEMAND it. It is our DUTY as Americans to recall this despicable government, and if that means pushing through the doors, then so BE it. If any arrests SHOULD be made, it should be of BLM, Antifa, and Election-Stealing Democrats!

  4. BARBARA WEIX says:

    So many at the top are either bought or bribed which is the only explanation for the turncoats we see now. Look at Justice Roberts, Lindsay Graham, even AGBarr. Cannot believe their new attitudes and something strange is gong on and has been going on. President Trump did so much good for so many people on an uphill battle or 4+ years. If the woman that was shot in the neck at the Antifa rally was black, you’d heard ALL about her and get more violence in the streets. She’s white, so nothing much is said on her behalf. Sad that she died and also the other 5 people in the storm on the Capitol. Were the DC police in on this too? Why was there so little security? I question so much and do not trust government. I’m still praying and remember ‘China Joe’ is not the real president yet!

  5. pete says:

    Hopefully the DC Police will catch the guy who killed unarmed Ashli Babbitt! That Capitol Police officer is trigger happy and a danger to anybody around him!

    • Gary MacDonell says:

      Agree about catching the killer of a unarmed female vet, need to know why she was there instead of outside with other peaceful protesters. Too many questions on that day and little to no answers. I saw pictures of “antifa” busses being escorted in by the police. At least that’s what the video stated anyway.

  6. Mike says:

    Several of these people have been identified as Antifa. The rest of them are probably Antifa, too. Real Trump supporters would not have done this.

  7. karen Fox says:

    First of all the guy who is all made up is an antifa member. There are pictures of him all over the news only with Antifa clothing. The picture of the big guy in the yellow sweatshirt is also Antifa. There are pictures of him on the Antifa riots. Also the guy in the yellow forgot to cover his Antifa tatoo and there are pictures of him in the yellow shirt with the tatoo. Do your research. There are video of police opening the gate of the Capital and telling people to come in come in now. Start your research before you call judgement of those people. They are now saying the Air Force veteran they killed was shot in the chest. She was shot in the back of the neck. There are pictures and videos of them shooting her in the back of the neck. I watched it. when she is laying on the ground the only blood on the front of her was coming from her mouth and nose. She was murdered in cold blood. Keep believing because they may need to sacrifice you later to cover their lies. Your dumb enough to fall in the trap fine. You will be eaten away by the democrat party.

  8. Holly Rose says:

    Everyone of those trump supporters should be executed. No trial just executed. Hold them in the FEMA camps and then execute them by guillotine. No use for republican trash. We must have law and order and to have that we shall start by executing trump for inciting a riot. Since there were a few deaths resulting from this execute trump and televise and publicize the execution. If Americans won’t do it, our new CCP masters will see to that it happens. One doesn’t fool around with the CCP

    • James Hagan says:

      Get a job go to work or something what a joke!


    • Joan says:

      Trust me Holly….those were NOT Trump supporters! They were Antifa sent to shake things up by Soros supporters. Do more research before you blame Trump supporters!

    • Donna James says:

      Every one of you Liberals should be put out of your misery once and for all. Your beyond the most disgusting semi humans that walk the earth. Pretty bad when you even cause maggots to vomit!

    • Mad Patriot says:

      You are truly a sick person. Check your facts before you start your hate. It was ANTIFA it has been proven! That vet was murdered, shot in the back by you DC finest! You extremist leftwing Democrats are working with ANTIFA and BLM! IF you follow them, you are no better!

    • Kenneth Eaglin says:

      Fuck you ,,you Traitorous Socialist Bitch. Every one of you shit eating Communists Democrats should be skinned alive then tied to an Ant hill.Those Patroits who stormed the Capitol Bilding the other day are American Heros. They were looking for shit eating Traitorous like you.

  9. James Hagan says:

    This was all staged for sure. I guess government thinks people are stupid. The election has been railroaded definitely plain to see this country unfortunately has been sold out well before Trump! He put a big damper to the end road of their agenda. Mr. Trump was amazed he won in 2016 believe that the government couldn’t even alter shit to win.The American people love this president without a doubt I believe he is one hell of a man to take the challenge against the idiots. He has his P’s and Q’s together he knew what and how it was gonna end up. With only a hand full of senator’s and a third of the house standing behind him, that alone explains how these people work. Even one piece of evidence, an aligation ,a complaint of fraud no matter how big or small should have been investigated to extreme cuz the benefit of doubt is there.Its not about turning the election or not it’s about truth the people deserve to know. They didn’t even give it a second thought this was the orchestrated plan and both of some parties are surely involved without a doubt there was laws broken over this election and these people they call the untouchables need to start paying there dues for the corrupt shit.Its pathetic as hell. This is not about an election at all it’s about a movement people. I commend Mr President Trump and wish him and his family safe and secure endeavors and will say your accomplishments is enough in its self,over this 4 year period you have done some extraordinary phenomenal things for this country even with the wolves clawing at ur back. Thank you Mr President you are the best man for the job anyone in their right mind can see that. I’m sorry this country has gotten this out of control with over stepping government but it’s real and it’s here very. God Bless America!

    • Mad Patriot says:

      Amen!! Well said!! They may inaugurate Biden, but he will never be our President!!
      President Trump is the legitimate winner of the election, the fraud should null and void Biden/Harris eligibility!! Especially since the fraud was NEVER RECOGNIZED even with evidence!!

  10. Skin democrats alive says:

    If seen, give these ppl $$$ and then tell them thanks ! Next time, bring flame throwers and roast the democrats till they crawl back under their crack rocks and child snuff porn stacks.

  11. STEVE USAF says:

    Oh really? Now it’s time to start cracking down on protesters that get out of hand? Now? Now that their on the other side of politics? As long as it’s liberal Democrats doing all the damage, rioting down he streets , trying to intimidate everybody
    in their path, with no direction, vandalizing businesses, burning police vehicles, beating up innocent bystanders, and
    basically wreaking havoc down many many city streets, all of this is ok to continue?! But this ONE TIME it WILL NOT
    BE TOLERATED! This time, boy, we’re going to put on our big boy pants and show people that this just cannot happen in this country! Give me a friggin break! While I do not condone this behavior, I understand the frustration that they
    carry. When our elections are rigged and and fraudulently ran and cheated, it tends to piss you off a little bit!
    Especially if your a veteran and you served time toward making this country free just to let these cheating America haters open up the borders to let everyone in that wants to enjoy what we’ve built meanwhile we get pushed to the back
    A of the line! Not to mention inviting in China, a communist country, and other countries known to produce and back
    terrorist! Oh but make sure you make an example of that guy that had the audacity to sit in someone’s chair!

  12. Kiran G Mehta says:

    I blame this all to News media they are very racist against Trump and because of them Trump lost. Where were all politicians when cities were burned down and business were lost? Politician are dividing people for their benefit not Trump. But Trump is not a politician so he doesn’t really know what to say and when to say. I am seeing what Democrats did this time same as what John F Kennedy did at urge of losing elections. He help released Martin Luther King from jail and had him say that Kennedy family help him to get freed and every black votes him. All politicians deserted Trump because he is a outsider and they don’t like outsider who is not politicians.

  13. Monica says:

    Not all of these people look like Trump fans. For example, a mask of the flag, upside down? I don’t think so! These pictures do not show violence, do they? Devilcrats are dishonest as can be and fake circumstances well. It wouldn’t be the first time they pretended to be Republicans in order to destroy. It is truly shameful the way our President is being treated, he deserves so much better. Love him

  14. Bruce Wooden says:

    Too bad it was a veteran that was shot. If it had been some democrats we’d probably be feeling a little better about the whole mess.

  15. bill says:

    Isn’t it funny how these chicken shit bastards, who don’t do anything to stop real rioters are so quick to point the finger. Well follow the money and I have one finger for you.

  16. Chris Laneave says:

    What? How can the DC police release pictures on Tuesday night of these so-called protestors who stormed the Capitol on, if the march to the capital was on Wednesday? What?

  17. What about Bidens little terrorist that destroyed several city’s that they destroyed. Black lives matter should be known as terrorist organization. But its protected by the anti American flag burning Democratic party in Congress

    • Larry says:

      Agreed!Amazing how quickly the Metro DC carry the lefts water. Where were these types of photos for BLM and Antifa? Oh, right silly me it’s white priveledge.

  18. John says:

    This is ridiculous, how many fires did they start, how many people did they shoot, and what did they steal? Isn’t the capital owned by the people? I didn’t see these swamp creatures wanting to do anything during all the other protests the country has suffered through. How many of these politicians supported and urged the other so called peaceful protests. Now they were the targets and they run scared. But they had no real concerns or empathy for innocent people that were ruined by the real riots. They need to defund any protection that protect them and see if they are as brave and fearless as they think they are. Maybe Joe has room for them in his basement.

    • Marilyn says:

      Right on I’m with you. The liberals turned a blind eye to all the destruction of businesses and the death and injuries they did to American citizens. And liberals called them peaceful demonstrations. All the people that vote for these liberal socialist need to go back to school and take some history lessons. The history facts before the left started rewriting our history that is. God save us from the ignorant people that believe they will have a better life at the mercy of this socialist . Remember this the ones in charge will be the power and you will be their SUBJECTS to do as they say you will do and like it they will be the Masters.

    • Tim says:

      No they don’t need a place to hide! They need to be met with extreme prejudice, all of them! They did this, and not the American people! I am a veteran and I am a proud patriot! I love America and my God! I love our freedoms and my family and friends, being a veteran, my family is pretty big! I guarantee I will be on their list of hated and I will be labeled everything else to a terrorist! I love you America. Freedom forever!!! No, none of you are going to change the national anthem!!!

  19. gary arrington says:

    First they need to aren’t all the riots since march

  20. Pamela says:

    The people wanted for arrest are not Trump supporters. They were hired by soros and the dnc so they can blame trump because of their hate. It has spilled over in America and republican supporters are not stupid. They were making selfies with police and trying to help.

    • T Beach says:

      Yea it goes to show some of those criminals arent to bright. One posted his picture on his Instagram and it had ANTIFA PHILADELPHIA right across the bottom. The capitol police opened the gates and let them in then backed off. All a setup to blame Trump and Trump supporters

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