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Cuomo Stripped of Powers

Day by day, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finds out that he’s not as powerful as he thought he was. Republicans and Democrats are turning on him. Are his days in office numbered?


Gov. Andrew Cuomo wanted to play strip poker, according to one of his sex harass accusers — now he’s the one being stripped,” according to the New York Post.

New York state lawmakers moved Friday to rescind the emergency powers they granted to the Democratic to handle the coronavirus pandemic as outrage over his sexual harassment and nursing home cover-up scandals continues to mount. [emphasis added]

The New York state Senate backed the new restrictions on Cuomo’s executive authority by a party-line vote of 43-20 on Friday afternoon.

“Lawmakers in the Assembly followed suit, voting 107-43 later Friday to strip Cuomo of the emergency powers…

“The bill must be signed by Cuomo, who signaled Wednesday he will accept the new restrictions.”

For more, go to the New York Post.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Should Cuomo be kicked out of office?


  1. BARRY BRUKOFF says:


  2. JJ Johnson-Smith says:

    Cuomo has been given 30 days to cease and desist the Exec Orders, and he also has the ability to over-ride his own agreement at any time. How is THAT stripping him of ANYTHING? He also refuses to resign, so let’s get going on this Impeachment. They wasted NO time with Trump’s !

  3. Stephan Couris says:

    How convenient Cuomo must be the one to sign the bill which restricts his powers. He would be an even bigger idiot to sign.