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Criminal Sedition Complaint Against Trump

According to their website and Twitter feed, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed a criminal sedition complaint against President Donald Trump with the U.S. Department of Justice.


From CREW’s website/press release:

The FBI and Department of Justice should investigate President Trump for seditious conspiracy over his attempts to hinder Congress’s final counting of the 2020 electoral college votes as part of a scheme to overthrow the government of the United States by preventing the transition of power, according to a criminal complaint [PDF] filed by CREW.

“While President Trump and his associates likely committed a multitude of federal criminal offenses prior to and during the insurrectionary events of January 6, 2021, the president’s larger purpose appears to have been the violent overthrow of the United States government by delaying, hindering, or stopping Congress from affirming the results of the 2020 presidential election. [emphasis added]

“‘Accusing the president of sedition is not something we do lightly,’ CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder said. ‘It is an accusation that should be reserved for only the most extreme circumstances. This is such a circumstance.’

By conspiring with his associates to raise a mob in front of the White House, and then directing that mob to go to the Capitol and use “strength” to “take back our country” in order to hinder or delay Congress’s certification of the electoral vote and overturn the 2020 election, President Trump attempted to incite the violent overthrow of the government of the United States. His actions on January 6, 2021, capped weeks of calls and planning with associates for his followers to “fight” to stop Congress from counting the electoral college votes. [emphasis added]

“‘In what will be remembered as a dark day for American democracy, President Trump and his co-conspirators appear to have engaged in nothing less than an attempt to overthrow the government by force,’ Bookbinder said. ‘This cannot go unanswered. The FBI and Justice Department must investigate immediately.‘”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe President Donald Trump committed sedition against the United States of America government as CREW states in its complaint? Why or why not?


  1. Our president (Trump) has done so much good for our country and donated his salary to charities. He has changed how USA pays for every country. He started arrogant, but somewhere in his 4 years he learned to care for the people he worked for. He stopped China cold, along with other countries. He remembered us in everything he did. He is brilliant and I want him back. Biden didn’t even campaign, doesn’t know what day it is or the name of our creator. Personally I believe it is called elder abuse. Cheating the American people out of what or who we want will come back to bite the Democrats in the butt. Melanie is so gracious and elegant. With all the treacherous behavior by Hillary, Bill, Biden and his son, Obama, etc; none paid for their crimes. Wake up America, kick the Democrats out. The presidential election was a blatant crime. Makes me furious!! Sorry for rambling. Needed to get it out. 🇺🇸🙏

  2. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    Democrats and House democrats seem to be using Trump tactics. They are stirring up discord and chaos and division of the American people.
    They will fall into their own trap!

    • Ms. Deb says:

      Remember, the potus has all the responsibility for Security or lack there of on Federal Property.
      trump and his minions knew of the coming insurrection, heck they called for it.
      He stirred them up and pushed them onward to the Capitol to kill Pence and Pelosi, and he watched with glee in his tent with fun music playing.
      Clearly he thought it would get bad and he could declare Marshal Law and remain president.
      He is an insane, desperate man, no money, no power, he can not live in such conditions.
      He is a danger to the USA to the Government and to every citizen of the country.

  3. Tim says:

    I won’t watch this sham of an inauguration on television. I pray something bad happens to Pelosi and her Chinese followers, “Swallow-hell, Beijing Biden and Crime Family, lying Shiff and Shummer and Nadler. All should have been arrested and charged long ago, but we have a corrupt DOJ, as we all have seen, and they are still there getting paid. Pathetic.

    • Guy says:

      little ‘d’ dems, get a life. Talk about leaning on someone’s neck? Keeping this vitriol flaming only means you have nothing to offer of value to offer America. You’ve had nothing to show as far as results for the people of America so you have blamed Trump. Now the world will see your gutless partisanship. You will “win back” our enemies by apologizing with cash you have at our expense. You’ve already shown you true colors by renigging on campaign promises. Woe to those who ncall evil good and good evil

  4. The Democrats are nothing but a bunch of crimmnals. When are people of this country going to wake and realize it. It’s time to take this Country away from the Democrats. I just found they did cheat. And justice Roberts is as crooked. He should be kicked out to. This is our country that old senile Bidden does have a brain his bald head. He needs to be put in a home.

  5. Walter says:

    The only criminals are Clintons, Obamas, Schiffs, Brannon, Comey, Pelosi, Biden crime Family, and the Deep State. Americans knows that all of the Bull Shit will soon be faced with the truth and lawyers are waiting to get their cases in court. The Criminals are going to be laughing until they are put in jails. Americans all know that the election was fraudulent and voting machines were rigged to move ballots from Trump to Biden. The Bull Shit from the Democrats will be destroying America, its laws, and Constitution.

  6. G says:

    Good luck trying to prove that BS charge. Now if you want to charge someone with real proof you got Harris on video this past year with BLM and Antifa riots going on saying it won’t and shouldn’t stop up to or after the election. That you can prove.

    • Mary Evans says:

      You’re exactly right! This is so outrageous and ridiculous. They need too investigate all of the people involved and go through the right channels before claiming themselves to be Jude and Jury. They are just trying to cover up their own crimes. We the people need to see the truth. President Trump did not invite violence..There are more ways to fight for your rights than breaking the law and that is all our president meant.

  7. Jim says:

    The democraps didn’t say a fucking word when their TERRORISTS burned & looted cities and destroyed hundreds of police cars and they terrorised republicans while dining in restaurants or when they left the White House. Why can’t they keep just as silent over the uprising at the capital? Now they took away freedom of speech for republicans on social media and freedom of press. They won’t stop their BS until they start civil war, cause when the shit reaches our lower lip, somebody’s gonna hear about it. They let Portland riot for over 150 days and not even Biden spoke up to stop the shit. 89,000,000 Trump supporters will NOT go away! Democraps are not happy until they block everything Republican, and they can fuck themselves cause it ain’t gonna happen any more.

  8. Bill says:

    I have never heard of this made up organization.

  9. Helma R Hintz says:

    The citizens of this country, had finally enough, Trump did a great job, and they twisted the election code and allowed thousands to vote, PERIOD !!
    Biden is an old fool and will ruin this country Harris was picked by Obama, and she will make sure, that HE will get a job he always dreamed about, qualified or not, just like she is. No qualification except she claims being Black, as Obama did. SHAME

  10. michael perkins says:

    Politicians are walking around with their eyes closed.if they can’t see all the corruption then they are part of it.

  11. Steven Devenport says:

    President Trump did not a riot! No more than George Washington incited the war for independance. The Democrats launched a four long coup against President Trump. The so called election was the culmination of that coup. The Denocrats were so over confident after being in power for so long. They under utilized their vote fraud network in 2016. They left nothing to chance this time. Now the crime families that were voted out in 2016…are back in power. They will reinitiate their plans, and their followers are going to be grossly dissapointed.

  12. John P. says:

    Bloomberg and Barclays Bond fund gave Chinese Communists $150 billion for their corporations. Boy I am sorry for serving our country, and help fighting against Communism in Vietnam and Korea.

  13. Becky says:

    Are you from this planet or not ?I sure hope you ain’t cause President Trump nor his supporters was there for violence only justice and our voices to be heard .We was hopeless when the DC swamp refused any and all backup secur ity from agencies abroad even the president was turned down .I hate to explain this but it was set up that way only by DC Dems.One way to guarantee they have and get full control of our country to pay debt that was run by the same swamp people that let there states and cities burn to the ground innocent people killed and assaulted and police was forced to do nothing !!! We was there to be seen and voices be heard .Only cells that was planted there benefitted from this.If the agencies would put effort into and do away with 50’000 dollar reward and 1 million dollars put in place they would get fast results because the cells was paided very well now the ones that know something seen something will say something but one catch to it do you really want to know the truth ? Over half of the American people already know and President Trump and his supporters was set up

  14. We the People have had enough of this political hatred driven nonsense!!!!
    The President is being persecuted for doing an excellent job for the American People and yet the incoming “President” is a proven Criminal! As is his whole family!

  15. Tom V says:

    Politicians in dc need to understand that we won’t bend to do there demands, what is needed is a convention of the states article five, which is the only way that we can get term limits a federal balanced budget and let them know we’re in charge, do your homework and get involved

  16. Audie M Jordan says:

    Every liberal/leftist gang wants to get in the news. Woke institutions are trying to hide their complicity in the election fraud by jumping on board like they give a damn.

  17. Terry J. Schultz says:

    The explanation of the acronym of their name is a joke: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington?!
    When one thinks of Washington(as in
    D.C.) Responsibility and Ethics isn’t what comes to mind at first, or maybe ever.

  18. David Takata says:


    • Marianne says:

      So true. The sedition should be filed against the left who are the traitors taking down the USA. Trump, I hope, is still trying to fight for the USA. IF not him, who??? If no one, we are doomed.

  19. Roy Westberg says:

    This is bull . Dems were so triggered by this travesty while all summer as the protesters or rioters were burning and looting peoples busineesses there was never a word said about that by most dems. Plus Trump was still speaking when the break in occured. And to boot he did not tell anyone to do that. I am sick of dems twisting laws and rules in their favor and i am sick of this impeachment crap. They tried it once allready it still wont work .Anyone with a brain can see this is all politics nothing criminal at all . Pelosi needs to leave or retire at 80 she should go. Thats my rant.

  20. Keith says:

    I think the government really needs to think term limits. Those senile politician are losing it and the younger sheep are getting just as goofy!

    • Sally Draper says:

      We need term limits. Get out anyone who has been there for more than 4 years. Dangerous communists. We will keep organized

  21. Theresa says:

    The only ones who have committed sedition in this country is Soros, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and all others in stealing the election by altering the machines, mail in ballots from out of state along with illegals who have no business voting in our country.
    And let’s not forget the BLMers and Antifa who instigated the breach of Congress. If no one can figured that out, there is no hope for you nor this country. It’s very obvious what happened last weekend. Duh!
    John Sullivan admitted as much on CNN.

    • Sally Draper says:

      Correct file against those assess they are dangerous and want to take over our government. That won’t happen

    • Richard Meltz says:

      The only people who should have charges brought against them is nancy pelosi and her pea brained Alzheimer’s swamp monsters Nancy pelosi and it should be arrested for treason attempting to over throw President Donald Trump for the past four years she has failed continuously against President Trump she could not have him convicted in the last impeachment and she certainly won’t be able to this time she needs to go to an old folks home and take Joe Biden along with her and they can sit there and cry over their spilled milk because the only w winner this President Trump President Trump has done more good for this country in four years than his last four presidents combined in the truth be known he will go out a winner

  22. James says:

    There goes your peaceful transition. I think the American people know better. I get being there and seeing the rig with your own two eyes is not proof. The rig was in from the beginning with many insurance policies. Covid 19 was no worse then the flu and made out to be a Pandemic to crush Trumps election. What will they come up with next time? How many elections can you steal in a roll. lol.

  23. Kathy V White says:

    I cannot how much the liberals turn this around. First Trump did not insight anything! As others have stated, listen to what he said. Second, no matter what Trump does or says, the democrates will twist it. I hate the way this country is going. Too many evils in our government are taking over this country. Why is Pelosi still there???? Biden is a moron and “laughing Harris” can’t form an orginal thought in her head. They all Stink!! They are all crooks!!!!

  24. There is an old saying that fits the Democrats perfectly. The guilty dog barks first.

  25. Dan Nichols says:

    why don’t you play his speach ?the truth is in it notthe b/s you claim!!

    • Theresa says:

      Dan, you obviously have a hearing problem and incapable of understanding speech as well as sentence formation. Listen to his speech again. Even the DOJ admitted that there was nothing in his speech to insight. How would you feel if you and your family was dogged for 4 years none stop without a moment’s peace while trying to salvage a country. Walk in his shoes for a while. Grow up demorat or go back to an English at kindergarden level.

  26. another load of demoRAT crap

  27. Henry Clark says:

    No substantial proof,truth is in prooving what you say.