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Court Blocks Release of Trump’s January 6th Records

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, a federal appeals court temporarily blocked the National Archives and Records Administration – often referred to as the National Archives – from providing former President Donald J. Trump’s White House records to the House Select Committee appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that is investigating the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol Complex. 

Trump had filed an emergency motion asking the court to keep the records secret on the grounds of “executive privilege.” Trump requested that the appeals court “maintain the status quo” until his appeal can be fully heard.

Prior to the court’s order temporarily halting the transfer of the records to the investigative committee, the National Archives was expected to start turning over the documents as early as Friday.

According to United Press International, the committee is seeking “call logs, visitor logs, drafts of speeches, memos, and even handwritten notes from the chief of staff Mark Meadows and others.”

Until today, every court that has considered Trump’s request to stop the transfer of the documents has denied his request as President Joe Biden has refused to extend his executive privilege to Trump’s records. The court will have to decide if Trump’s executive privilege extends beyond his presidency.

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