Congressman: If GOP Wins, Cops Will Arrest Women at Gunpoint for THIS?!?

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell

( – In a statement that most Americans find farfetched, United States Representative Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat, charges that if the Republican Party is victorious on Election Day, police will soon be arresting women at gunpoint if they violate abortion laws.

As Fox News recounts in a new piece headlined “Swalwell claims police arresting women at gunpoint for abortions will be ‘new reality in MAGA America'”:

“Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., debuted a new political ad on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” Monday that accused Republicans of wanting to arrest women at gunpoint for having abortions.

“The ad featured two police officers arriving at a family home to arrest a woman for having an abortion. After the woman’s husband steps in to defend her, an officer pulls a gun on the man while handcuffing the woman. As the couple’s baby cries, the officer insists, ‘We’re just enforcing the law.

“This scene, Swalwell claimed while appearing on the show, would become the ‘new reality’ should Republicans take back Congress in November.” [emphasis added]

In part, Swalwell added:

“I wish this was an exaggeration, but this is going to be the new reality in MAGA America if we do not win the midterms in both the House and Senate…As a former prosecutor, when I looked at the Republicans’ abortion laws, criminalizing abortion, mandating pregnancy, I thought through what this is going to look like as it plays out across America. And it’s that scene right there.”

Fox News added the following to counterbalance Swalwell’s claims:

No current state pro-life laws criminalize a woman for having an abortion, they all target the person performing the abortion. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s, R-S.C., proposed federal abortion bill also is not aimed at women who have abortions.” [emphasis added]

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