Congressman: Biden Acting Like a ‘Petulant Child’

( – Democrat President Joe Biden is acting like a “petulant child” in the talks on upping the debt ceiling as he is dismissing the GOP plan for cutting federal spending and is refusing to negotiate, a Republican Congressman has said.

The US government risks defaulting on its debts in the summer unless Congress increases the borrowing limit after the $31.4 trillion ceiling was reached in January.

“The oldest man in Washington, DC, is acting like an absolute petulant child [even though the negotiation time is running out],” Republican US Rep. Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania told Newsmax on Thursday.

He praised the “sensible” plan that the Republicans and GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have put forth to cut annual budget deficits and the national debt in the coming years in exchange for their agreement to up the borrowing ceiling.

“[Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer, on the other hand, has failed to have any plan put into place. He might say he wants a clean debt ceiling. He doesn’t have the votes for that. He knows it,” Reschenthaler added.

The Pennsylvania congressman’s comments came after, on Wednesday, McCarthy (R-CA) unveiled the GOP plan, which increases the US government’s debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion while slashing federal spending by $4.5 trillion throughout the next ten years.

The Republican proposal provides for keeping domestic and military spending to the 2022 level, with 1% annual growth, and maintaining social security and health programs intact.

“This is a good plan. It makes sure that we save taxpayers money, and it also makes sure that we grow the economy with pro-energy policies and the REINS Act, which is going to rein in the uncontrollable federal bureaucracy and require congressional approval for anything that is over $100 million that a rogue government agency puts forward,” Reschenthaler argued.

“[This plan will] help to restore Congress’ rightful place to how the framers wanted Congress to be. It’s going to control spending,” he added.

The Pennsylvania Republican predicted that the GOP-led House of Representatives would pass the plan, leaving it to the Democrat majority in Senate Majority Leader Schumer to “either run [with] this or come up with his own plan.”

Reschenthaler also discussed this week’s congressional return of Democrat US Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, who was absent for more than two months for clinical depression treatment. He suffered a stroke during the Democrat primary campaign a year ago.

The report notes that Fetterman’s opening remarks on Wednesday to the Senate Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Food and Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Organics, and Research, appeared “scattered.”

“This shows us a lot of things, Number one, it shows us that Democrats will put their radical agenda, their socialist big government agenda, ahead of everything else, above what’s best for Senator Fetterman. Clearly, it’s not the best thing that he’s paraded around, put in public, when he’s in that condition,” Reschenthaler said.

“I hope he gets better. [However, Fetterman] campaigned on releasing one-third of all inmates in Pennsylvania’s state prisons. This is a guy who wants to ban fracking and supports the decision to ban the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s his policies that scare me more,” the Republican congressman commented.