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Conan O’Brien: Cancel Culture ‘Feels Very Soviet’

There is starting to be more and more pushback against “cancel culture.” The latest to join the fight is comedian Conan O’Brien and, of all people, the extremely liberal actor Sean Penn.


Comedian Conan O’Brien and actor Sean Penn blasted cancel culture as “ludicrous” and “Soviet”-like during a podcast Monday,” according to The Washington Times.

During his “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast, less than two weeks after bidding farewell to his late-night TBS show, Mr. O’Brien lamented how “tricky” it is for comedians in the current climate.

“‘I know people in comedy, people that do the job that I do that feel like there’s so much that’s happening that doesn’t feel funny that they feel like it’s their job to speak out about those things,’ he said, Newsbusters reported. ‘And I think, yes, that’s great but it’s easy for that to just turn into anger and outrage, and then you feel like you’re losing your way as a comedian.’…

“Mr. Penn agreed that ‘it’s a tricky time’ in comedy. Later in the show, Mr. O’Brien argued that movies such as “Milk,” the Oscar-winning 2008 drama in which Mr. Penn portrayed the slain gay activist Harvey Milk, wouldn’t be cast the same way today because Mr. Penn isn’t gay in real life…

Mr. O’Brien said the current culture is lacking “empathy” and “forgiveness” for people who make mistakes... [emphasis added]

‘It’s ludicrous,’ Mr. Penn responded.

“Mr. O’Brien continued, ‘What happened to, ‘Let’s talk about that now, but people can also be forgiven if they even need forgiving?’ What happened to that? It feels very Soviet kind of sometimes.'” [emphasis added]

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