College Dems Have THIS Message For Biden And Republicans Agree

President Joe Biden

( – The vast majority of college Democrats are opposed to Democrat President Joe Biden’s potential candidacy for reelection in 2024, the results from a new survey have revealed.

73% of Democrat students in two- or four-year colleges think Biden shouldn’t be running for another term in the White House.

Only 27% of those polled said that he should seek reelection, according to the survey by General Lab and NBC News.

The same poll found that most Republican college students – more precisely, 57% – support a new presidential candidacy for former GOP President Donald Trump.

The survey results showed that 42% of incoming second-year college students approve of Biden’s job performance. These include the 2% who said they approve “strongly.”

At the same time, 57% of them do not approve of the job that Joe Biden has been doing as President of the United States.

The approval rate of 42% is down from the 58% approval of Biden registered last year by the same survey among students entering their first year of college.

The pollster says that the survey was conducted “during a relatively strong stretch of news for Biden” between August 12 and 17.

That was after the US Congress passed Biden’s $737 billion spending package on climate change, health care, and IRS funding.

A separate public opinion poll conducted by Generation Lab and NBC News, which looked at political tensions on college campuses, found that 46% of the sophomores (Class of 2025) do not want to “dorm across the aisle.”

This means they wouldn’t share a dorm with a student who, in 2020, may have supported the rival of their preferred presidential candidate.

The Democrat college students turned out to be substantially more close-minded as 62% said they wouldn’t “dorm across the aisle,” while only 28% of the Republican college students said the same.

Besides that, 53% of the polled college students declared they wouldn’t date a person who was in favor of the other candidate in the 2020 presidential election, and 63% said they wouldn’t marry such a person.

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