Climate Change Does WHAT to Women?!?

( – The Washington Post, one of the most prominent leftist mainstream media outlets in the US, claims that climate change is causing sexual harassment, abuse, and murder of women.

“More frequent and intense extreme weather events have led to escalating threats against women and girls,” WaPo argued as it tackled the topic of the plight of abused women in Asia and Africa.

The report cited Terry McGovern, who was described as an expert on “population and family health.”

“Heat waves, floods, climate-induced disasters increase sexual harassment, mental and physical abuse, femicide, reduce economic and educational opportunity and increase the risk of trafficking due to forced migration,” McGovern told the newspaper, as cited by Fox News.

Quoting him and other “scientists,” the Post report insisted that climate change was closely connected with domestic violence. It also alleged the problem in question had a global scale.

“For these and many other women around the world, the threat of violence could become more common as climate change makes extreme weather events more intense and frequent,” according to The Washington Post report.

After WaPo posted the article on Twitter, it generated immediate backlash and ridicule.

Tatjana Pasalic, a reporter, responded to the article and tagged Seth Dillon, the CEO of the conservative satirical outlet The Babylon Bee.

“Damnit @SethDillon,” she wrote.

The Washington Post article is only the latest in a series of recent liberal media materials hyping climate change rhetoric.

In one such article, a columnist for The New York Times claimed mating “with shorter people” would rescue the planet from getting destroyed.

Meanwhile, CBS News’s “60 Minutes” program started the New Year by featuring disgraced biologist Paul Ehrlich, who decades ago wrote the book “The Population Bomb,” claiming that four billion people would perish of starvation by 1989.

“If I’m always wrong, so is science, since my work is always peer-reviewed, including the POPULATION BOMB, and I’ve gotten virtually every scientific honor. Sure I’ve made some mistakes, but no basic ones,” Ehrlich commented on Twitter.

The infamous biologist was immediately ripped on Twitter.

“I’m not wrong. Source: me, “podcast host Noah Blum wrote, mocking Ehrlich’s tweet.

Later in its article, The Washington Post questioned its own warnings of climate change and violence against women, saying they weren’t entirely based on science.

“Unlike the hard science of climate change, they said, the complex drivers of violence cannot easily be captured in numbers,” the Post said.

“Scientists emphasize that extreme weather events do not cause domestic or gender-based violence, but instead exacerbate existing pressures or make it easier for perpetrators to carry out such violence,” the leftist newspaper concluded.