CLAIM: East Coast Could Be ‘Swallowed by the Ocean’

Justice Elena Kagan

( – As the United States Supreme Court ended its latest term yesterday and went into summer recess while issuing a flurry of opinions, one comment in a dissenting opinion almost went unnoticed.

According to Associate Justice Elena Kagan, the East Coast of the United States could be “swallowed by the ocean.”

As Fox News recounts in “Justice Kagan warns parts of East Coast could be ‘swallowed by the ocean’ in dissent in EPA”:

“Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan warned parts of the East Coast could be ‘swallowed by the ocean’ in a dissenting Supreme Court opinion in an environmental regulation case Thursday.

“‘If the current rate of emissions continues, children born this year could live to see parts of the Eastern seaboard swallowed by the ocean,’” Kagan wrote in her dissent.” [emphasis added]

Kagan wasn’t done:

“Kagan said the dangers of rising temperatures and, as a result, devastating environmental effects, including, ‘Rising waters, scorching heat, and other severe weather conditions [that] could force ‘mass migration events[,] political crises, civil unrest,’ and even state failure.’

“Kagan elaborated that the Earth was ‘now warmer than any time’ in modern history, highlighting the importance of scientific research on carbon dioxide contributing to global warming. She also wrote global warming could be the cause of ‘4.6 million excess yearly deaths.’” [emphasis added]

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