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Video: Chelsea Clinton Praises Trump?

Given the way one person after another on the far left is coming out to attack Donald Trump publicly, you have to sit up and take notice when Chelsea Clinton offers him praise for the development of the vaccine while criticizing him for not being more public in his support of the vaccine.


Chelsea Clinton says former President Trump could “claim credit for the enormous progress” his administration made in swiftly developing COVID-19 vaccines by releasing photos of himself getting vaccinated,” according to The Hill.

“‘I still wish that they would release photographs of President Trump and Mrs. Trump being vaccinated, because I think it’s the right thing to do — full stop,’ the 41-year-old daughter of former President Clinton and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said during a Thursday appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

“‘It’s also, I think, really important that we know white Republican men are currently the most vaccine weary, the least likely to say that they would be willing to get a COVID vaccine,’ she continued. [emphasis added]

“‘Right now we know President Trump remains the most popular figure for that demographic, so I do think that it would make a real difference if he were to claim credit for the enormous progress that his administration did help enable through Operation Warp Speed, if you were willing to kind of be a poster child of vaccines and vaccinations, because I think that it would make a difference,” the author and “In Fact” podcast host said. [emphasis added]

While Trump urged his supporters to get the vaccine, saying, “So everybody, go get your shot,” during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, he received his own vaccination behind closed doors in January before leaving office. News of his inoculation didn’t come out until last month.”

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Watch the video and then please email us at [email protected] and tell us what you think of Chelsea Clinton’s combination of praise and criticism of Donald Trump. Do the Trump’s have to show anyone photos of being vaccinated?