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California Passes Guaranteed Income Plan

Is this the wave of the future? Liberals and socialists have been trying to enact guaranteed income plans for years. Now, as the saying goes, the camel’s nose is under the tent because, at least in California, Republicans have joined with Democrats to enact the law.

California lawmakers unanimously approved the nation’s first taxpayer-funded guaranteed income plan Thursday,” according to the New York Post. [emphasis added]

The bill sets aside $35 million for no-strings-attached monthly cash payments to some pregnant women and young adults who recently left foster care.

The move comes after Oakland and other municipalities approved a monthly stipend for some disadvantaged residents — a philosophy that has been gaining nationwide momentum and was championed by failed presidential and New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang.

“The vote came as millions of Americans received their first monthly payments from an extension of the federal child tax credit.

Sacramento lawmakers from both sides of the aisle universally supported the measure. [emphasis added]

“‘If you look at the stats for our foster youth, they are devastating,’ Senate Republican leader Scott Wilk said. ‘We should be doing all we can to lift these young people up.’”

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