California Governor Signs Law Attacking Gun Makers

California Governor Gavin Newsom

( – The Democrat Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has signed a state gun control bill that, for the first time, contains a sweeping provision that allows filing lawsuits against gun makers.

Newsom, who is believed to have his eyes set on the 2024 presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, has signed two other California anti-gun rights bills in recent weeks.

One of those attacks the advertising of gun ownership for young people, while the other tries to restrict the ability of Californians to produce homemade guns. Both of these laws took effect immediately.

The newest law, AB 1594, goes into effect in a year, on July 1, 2023.

It stipulates the creation of a “firearm industry standard of conduct” in the state and the right to sue a “member of the gun industry” if that company “fails to comply” with it.

“To the victims of gun violence and their families: California stands with you. The gun industry can no longer hide from the devastating harm their products cause,” California’s Governor said in a statement, as cited by The Los Angeles Times.

“Our kids, families and communities deserve streets free of gun violence and gun makers must be held accountable for their role in this crisis. Nearly every industry is held liable when people are hurt or killed by their products — guns should be no different,” he added.

Gun rights experts immediately slammed Newsom’s new anti-gun law for being redundant to federal legislation and for seeking to use administrative means to cause financial ruin to gun makers.

“It is already legal for people to file a lawsuit against any business, whether it’s a gun-related business or not, if they have committed a crime in the sales and marketing of their guns or the manufacturing of their products,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California.

He stated that any lawsuits under California’s latest anti-gun law are doomed to fail in court, but the legislation itself is meant as a weapon against the gun industry.

“They have a concentrated effort to try to bankrupt the firearms industry by requiring them to defend themselves in court, which, as you know, is a very expensive proposition even when you win,” Paredes explained.

He said the legality of the measure would be challenged in court, as have the other new anti-gun ownership laws in California.

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