Bye-Bye Biden?

President Joe Biden

( – On one of the Sunday talking head political shows, a pundit opined that Joe Biden’s polling numbers are starting to look like a game of limbo where the only question is how low will Biden’s numbers go before his presidency collapses.

As Breitbart notes about Biden’s polling statistics in “CIVIQS Poll: Biden Approval Lowest of Presidency – 32% Overall”:

“President Joe Biden’s approval rating is down to the lowest in his presidency, at only 32 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval, according to the CIVIQS rolling job-approval average as of Saturday.

“While 11 percent of survey participants did not approve or disapprove, Biden’s approval rating is underwater in 48 states, including the typically dark blue California and his home state of Delaware. The only two states in which he is above water are Hawaii and Vermont.” [emphasis added]

The same Sunday morning pundit stated that when a sitting president isn’t even supported by his home state, “his presidency is all but over.”

And Biden’s 32 percent approval is his worst approval rating since he was sworn into office.

Biden is even upside-down with independents, with only 20 percent indicating they approve of Biden’s job performance while 67 percent disapprove.

Historically, no president’s party has won the midterm elections with numbers near this low.

What is your opinion about President Joe Biden’s polling numbers? If a pollster called you, would you say you approve or disapprove of Biden’s job as President of the United States of America? Please email your thoughts to [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good day.