Breaking Video: Fauci Finally Speaks the TRUTH!

Dr. Anthony Fauci

( – Happening Now: Just shy of a full two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and Dr. Anthony Fauci has just told the truth about how Covid policy is being determined and set in the presidential administration of Joe Biden.

Is it determined and set based on sound, proven medical and scientific evidence and standards? No.

Fauci, who serves as Joe Biden’s Chief White House Medical Advisor and is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, now admits the recently shortened quarantine period Americans are now being instructed to observe if they test positive for the virus is being set based on the economic needs of American businesses and society as opposed to the medical needs of the patient and those the patient will come in contact with post-quarantine.

You can watch the video clip below.

When questioned about the Biden administration cutting the quarantine period from 10 days to five, Fauci stated:

“The purpose of it was, that given the wave, the extraordinary, unprecedented wave of infections that we are experiencing now and will certainly experience more of in the next few weeks, that there is the danger that there will be so many people who are being isolated who are asymptomatic for the full ten days, that you could have a major negative impact on our ability to keep society running. So the decision was made, although it’s not completely risk-free, of saying, let’s get that cut in half so that we can have fifty percent, namely half of the ten days, and fifty percent of that time people can actually be out with a mask in society.”

Here’s the video.

It’s hard to argue anything other than the Biden administration is now just picking a random quarantine period without any basis in medicine and science so that there are enough workers to keep the American economy running. If so, that certainly suggests that other Covid policies are also not based on science and medicine and that the Biden administration is just making it up as it goes based on political expediency.

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