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Breaking: Vax Mandate Shutters Firehouses

( – Happening Now: According to breaking reports and updates from the conservative New York Post newspaper today, at least twenty-six firehouses in New York City have been taken out of service because of a lack of professional firefighters to staff the firehouses as an operationally significant number of firefighters are refusing to accept the COVID-19 vaccine as mandated by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Suppose the same starts to happen across the United States of America or is already happening but is being suppressed from public knowledge by the liberal mainstream media. In that case, it’s only a matter of time until Americans start losing homes and businesses to fires that aren’t responded to in time to be saved because of a lack of trained and qualified professional firefighters. 

And, since most professional firefighters also respond to traffic accidents and medical emergencies, the increased likelihood of Americans dying from a lack of emergency medical assistance is significant.

According to one New York Fire Department insider who spoke with the New York Post, “‘hundreds’ of firefighters have been taking medical leave to protest the mandate.”

According to Councilman Joe Borelli, a Staten Island Republican who chairs the fire and emergency management committee, all of the unvaccinated no-show firefighters have been tested for the coronavirus within the last week and tested negative. Borelli said he doesn’t believe any New York City resident cares one way or the other if firefighters are vaccinated when responding to a fire or medical emergency.

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