BREAKING: Special Counsel John Durham Loses Another Russia Probe Case

( – BREAKING NOW: In what may be a new record for failure by an appointed Special Counsel, John Durham, handpicked to investigate and prosecute those believed to have provided false information as part of the Trump/Russia probe, has lost yet another case.

The jury in the prosecution of Igor Danchenko, an analyst who was a primary source for a dossier of allegations about former president Trump and Russia, acquitted Danchenko on false-statement charges in a case that Durham personally prosecuted.

As the New York Post notes in “Steele dossier source Igor Danchenko acquitted of lying to FBI in latest Durham trial“:

A key source for the salacious and discredited Trump-Russia dossier was acquitted by a federal jury Tuesday, in a case that nevertheless produced several bombshells about the FBI’s handling of its probe into the 45th president’s 2016 campaign.

“The Virginia panel cleared Igor Danchenko of four counts of lying to the bureau following approximately 10 hours of deliberation across two days after the case judge dropped a fifth count against him last week.

“The verdict was the second acquittal at trial in a case brought by special counsel John Durham in connection with the conduct of the FBI counterintelligence probe nicknamed “Crossfire Hurricane.” [emphasis added]

By one estimate, Durham has spent more than $10 million on his investigation, resulting in two acquittals and a single guilty plea from a mid-level FBI lawyer.

As one longtime DC criminal defense investigator noted about Durham, “He may be the most inept prosecutor in modern history.”