BREAKING: Russia’s Extremely Dangerous Move


( – HAPPENING NOW: Last night, while Americans were sleeping, the Russian military under Vladimir Putin, one the most dangerous and deadly communists in the world, executed the most dangerous military move to date as part of its invasion of Ukraine – a military bombardment of a Ukrainian nuclear power station that could lead to a nuclear disaster larger than the Chernobyl disaster.

As National Review notes:

“Russian troops took control of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine early Friday morning after a firefight with Ukrainian troops caused a training building on the grounds to catch fire, prompting international alarm over the possibility that nuclear reactors might be damaged and release radioactive material.

“Ukrainian emergency services extinguished the blaze at the Zaporizhzhia plant in the Oblask but it is now believed to be controlled by the Russians.”

It is unclear at this point what the Russian military intends to do with the nuclear facility now that it has taken control.

This is a breaking news alert from DC Watchdog.