Breaking Russian Gasoline News – Are Americans Ready?


( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, the Shell Gas Company announced that effective immediately, it will no longer buy Russian crude oil, and it is immediately closing all of its gas stations in Russia.

This news comes on the same day Americans are seeing record high prices at the gasoline pump, and the information about Shell is bound to drive prices even higher.

Further, it is expected that other major oil and gas companies will follow suit, or the Biden administration may issue an executive order forbidding the purchase of Russian crude oil.

According to one report, “Shell said it plans to immediately end purchases of Russian crude oil on the spot market and not renew contracts unless given other direction from governments. The company said it would shift its supply chain to excise Russian crude completely.”

The question becomes, are American consumers prepared to pay the highest price for gasoline in American history?

This is a breaking news report…